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Remote & Local Image Manager
The usability of image management in a CMS is really important: adding and placing images is one of those tasks that’s vital for the user experience in day-to-day content maintenance. It should be simple, powerful and hassle-free. That’s why I’ve been looking for a (free) replacement for Joomla’s current image manager for a long time, and Asikart RemoteImage turned out to be quite a revolutionary improvement. It’s really a joy to work with! Usually, the steps involved to place a photo in an article can be cumbersome: resizing or cropping the image, adjusting colors, creating several sizes (thumbnails and full size images), et cetera. RemoteImage combines all those functionalities in one package. It makes it possible to upload multiple images, duplicate images, scale and crop them, and there’s even an option to edit the image through, make all necessary changes, save it in pixlr and find it back in your Joomla images folder, ready to be inserted. Excellent!
Featured Categories
Featured Categories is an excellent module which really should be part of Joomla core. It supports automatic thumbnail resizing, linking thumbnails to the full articles and it even checks the Images and Links fields for images - which means you can upload an image to the Intro Image Field without having to bother resizing it to the exact dimensions desired, as Featured Categories resizes them for you. No need to manually craft category pages by manually creating intro texts, placing images and Read More links -- it's all done automatically and it's highly configurable.
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I'm very glad it suits you and I really appreciate your remarks.

Thank you!

byewmt, May 19, 2008
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Filtered News
There are some must-have extensions that perfectly expand Joomla's basic functionality - this is certainly one of them. I think lots of Joomla users will benefit from this: it's not only a versatile Latest News replacement, but also a perfect navigational aid for every category or section. Very important from a usability point of view: it's is possible to make the current article in the Filtered News list not-clickable or to hide it. Lots of other options: you can filter by category, by section, add pictures or article intro text. To put it in one word: wow!