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byex19, May 7, 2012
percha Iframe
since mosiframe went away so thankful that you made this one with the same syntax. Thanks so much for this!! Great plugin
byex19, February 8, 2011
Let's face it, SEF plugins are difficult to handle. You practically have to be an expert in server redirects to understand what is going on. If you have a complex site with many plugins then it is pretty much a big mess waiting to fail.

However, this one is not a buggy one like the others. I have tried SEF404 and AceSef and both of those are either way too complicated to manage, or do not adhere to rules properly. Yet here with this one by Artio, things are working properly and there is no more confusion about what is going on. Locked urls stay locked unlike others that do not. Also we use JotCache and it works in sync. I am using a free version which is not great because they have to put their links all over the place, they should give us a choice about where these are going to be put. I see that others rate it low, but believe me, they will also rate the others low because of the learning curve. This one looks a lot like a knockoff that came lately, but it manages links much more smoothly and consistently.
byex19, January 10, 2011
BreadCrumbs Advanced
This is a very straighforward module and works great, except when you have an ampersand & in your stuff, then it doesn't handle it right. Other than that it's very nice. Thanks
byex19, December 7, 2010
The only thing missing in this module is the sef/seo friendly links. Otherwise it is an excellent and easy to install and use module.
byex19, December 3, 2010
This take a minute to figure out but it is a great component to have. Easily export then import without all the muss or fuss. Perfect! Got my categories, sections and articles all in a single use. Very easy. Thanks for a great module.
byex19, November 7, 2010
Maxi Menu CK
This looks very promising but because it is in French for English readers it's difficult to figure out how to install it. I find it in the Plugins, not modules. I tried to add a module but did not find it there. I tried to add a menu under menus and not sure how to make it call this. This would be better than the T3 framework if it worked because it's a simple module not an entire framework. But again unfortunately it's not easy to figure out how to install it so I never could get it to work.
Owner's reply

If you had asked me, I would have said to you that you probably download a plugin addons (breadcrumbs or xmap) instead of the module itself !
It works without specific configuration like the native menu in joomla. For the langage, you should have seen that all the pages for maximenu_CK are translated in english, and the admin params too.