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byexjoomla, October 19, 2012
This is the worse extension I came across, the owner claims it is free, but for example he charges forum support and for some vital plugins like uploading media files.

He should just comercialize the whole thing.

I dont know why 90% or extensions become comercial.

Also when i unistall this buggy thing, I cant login into administrator any more, I get blank screen.

Stay away, dont support sneaky developers like that.

Jimmy Prestich
Owner's reply

We are really sorry to hear you are disappointed with the extension, however, there seems to be some misunderstanding here and we are not entirely sure you are, in fact, reviewing our extension available here.

The CKEditor extension is totally free, it is an Open Source product and you can use it however and wherever you wish. As for support, a bug tracker is publicly available (see and you are most welcome to use the community support forums ( -- both options are free of charge. Full documentation is also available for your convenience:

It is also not true that you need to pay to upload files -- you can easily use the built-in Joomla functionality for that. As for other "vital" plugins: if you mean CKEditor plugins, we neither create nor charge for them -- they are community work and are available at our forum, mostly for free:

The only thing that you could, potentially, pay for, is the commercial version of the extension that is bundled with CKFinder (an advanced file manager) and 24h dedicated e-mail support channel. However, this is a separate product ( that is *not* available in The Joomla! Extensions Directory and has never been advertised as "free".

As for the bug that you experienced, see here:
If you are sure that our extension is causing the problem, we would kindly ask you to file a bug report at our tracker, we will be more than happy to look into this issue and correct it. Much appreciated!