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byeyenet, June 29, 2014
Simple Email Form
This module is simple to setup if you need something very basic and you don't intend to modify it. However with today's new layouts, if you plan to go beyond what the author gives you, you will find it pretty much impossible unless you hack the logic. The author did not use the template standard set by Joomla Team in creating this module, instead mixed the presentation with the logic. Using tables was the wrong approach, especially dealing with Joomla's responsive option, nor did this author use Bootstraps form options to properly layout the form. As a Senior UI Developer I cannot give this module high ratings as others reviewers. Regardless of this being a free module, mixing logic with presentation is a poor approach and I hope the author will take note and correct this in his next version update.
byeyenet, October 6, 2010
On the outside VirtualMart is an excellent component for e-commerce with lots of functionality and many addons. But once you get past that and start to customize it, it can be very frustrating. On one site I created, I had to completely redesign all of the modules I used, mainly because the modules didn't use Joomla's template which meant I had to keep track of my themes in multiple places. That and the fact HTML was mixed with backend logic was just maddening. And then there's the component itself. My main problem was still with the templates not conforming to Joomla standards. Having to modify flyout pages to me is a problem. If I upgrade and don't remember which flyout pages I modified, I'd have to start over. And mixing HTML inside classes is just wrong. It got so bad on one site, I had to modify VirtualMart's core functions just to provide more flexibility in the design. The problem with that is now, there's a new version, I'm designing a new site, and I have to start over. After creating a new VM Login module, I've decided I need to review other shopping cart solutions and if need be, help that developer to enhance their work before being locked into one shopping cart. I hope VirtualMart developers will understand the problem and work to fix it, because it wouldn't be as hard as it sounds.
byeyenet, August 25, 2010
Shadowbox Media Viewer
It just works and that's all I need! Thanks for putting out an excellent plugin.