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byezzy, May 26, 2011
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ODude Ecards
I bought oDudes Ecard 2.0 after looking at the site and asking a few questions to which I received a quick response. Having bought the package and reading the readme files and the documentation on the site, I really struggled to get it up and running. Having used a lot of my limited experience to sort out some of the problems I emailed support and got help pretty quickly.
As I got further into the package I realized that I had to download and install the profile package as well.
I struggled to find adequate documentation for it so had to resort to spending hours trying different things out and reloading individual ecards. I managed but it was hard work.
I did get stuck and emailed support about a couple of points and that was 5 days ago. Still waiting for a reply.
Overall I am disappointed with the documentation (or lack thereof) as well as the response time for support. Unless you are pretty handy or experienced with PHP or joomla I would suggest looking somewhere else.