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Reviews(9), May 29, 2014
This extension is very good, useful and works almost properly. When it switches from a news to another, the navigation shows this module. I mean, if the module is on the top of the page, and we scroll the page down, when the module refreshes, it scrolls up again., January 6, 2014
SP Weather
It's a pretty fine extension, beautiful interface. Could have a translation option in next version., December 7, 2012
This module is awesome, works perfectly. But we could change Days word color too, beyond the main day number, above it. Thank you., August 9, 2012
Simple Spotlight
This image rotator is absolutely amazing, works perfect, I tested it in FFox, IE and Chrome, and it does the job. Thank you very much and keep doing this amazing work!, June 4, 2012
RS Cool Mp3 Player
This extension is amazing, beautiful, many options to customize. It's out of the box, thank you. One suggestion: it could have a option to show a progress bar. Thank you again, you're the man., May 16, 2012
shoutcast mini radio
I was searching a good player, and finally I found one beautiful, and works properly on Firefox, Chrome and IE. Thank you very much, you're the best., May 16, 2012
It's a nice extension, pretty too. But is could have the option in backend to don't display channels list, if the admin would just have one channel to play. It could display just the player and have the Autoplay option, too. Thank you., December 20, 2011
Thank you, this plugin is amazing, works properly in Joomla 1.7. Merry Christmas!, December 3, 2010
That's a very nice extension. Thank you very much, and Deus te abençõe.