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byfabs, August 28, 2006
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Tabs & Sliders [for articles]
As for now the plugin is great but not mature yet.

For me the plugin conflicts with CB 1.0 destroying the tabs in the user profile using the WebFX Skin for the user profile.

I would really love to see that great plugin mature!
Until then I would wait with install;)

Keep up the great work!!
Owner's reply

JS scripts conflict all the time. To create something "universal" is most of the times nearly impossible. The bottom line is, does it work? Does it create tabs and slides easily? And the answer is yes.

byfabs, May 30, 2006
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CB Gallery
This is the most useful cb plugin so far! It is really really simple to install and setup and requires nothing from the user but two clicks and their images/files are in the profile gallery. That one also my granny will be able to use! really great work Nick!

Still, looking forward to some modifications ;) The forge is full of feature requests for the next version. It will be worth ckecking regularly as Nick's baby is probably going to grow up fast!
byfabs, April 24, 2006
XCloner-Backup and Restore
i asked this via email already but there was no response from the devs:
will the component prevent a 500 internal server error or timeout if my provider has set memory limits for executing scripts by stopping and reinitiating the script in intervals?
i would be happy to buy if it prevents this as so far there is no alternative backup tool.
byfabs, April 23, 2006
XCloner-Backup and Restore
too bad it is commercial license..
in about 3 months as far as i know there will be a revamped and much extended version of bigape backup which is for free!
will be worth to compare the two then! bigape will probably not offer the cloning and user frontend installation function though..:(
byfabs, April 21, 2006
i really ask myself why this would be an editors pick... only reason i can imagine is that there is not much else...
i think it is uncomfortable.. poorly integrated and confusing ... not intuitive at all and poor options in the backend.. everything has to adjusted from outside by uploading extras and editing and merging .css files and so on and so on...
all that rave --- for nothing-- sorry.. a long way to go for that module... best to integrate it with a extra component like the swfreemenu in the future...