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byfaidhi, December 30, 2010
Obviously a very young product that doesn't deliver. I've installed it and spend 3 hours configuring and not 1 email work. Looking at the discussions below, many other users suffered too. At the end i gave up and tried to uninstall it which surprise surprise fails to remove table and uninstall errors appears. Stay away.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear that you could not get it working.
You could have, and still can, contact our support via contact form or email. That is what our "Contact a developer" webpage is all about - direct contact to the persons that know how the software works.
I am confident that we can solve your problem to your satisfaction, the other reviews certainly support this claim.

As of the uninstallation: we decided to not drop the database tables during uninstallation to avoid having users that unintentionally deleted their data during an upgrade. This is also expressed in the message that you misinterpreted as an error message.

byfaidhi, December 24, 2010
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After spending a couple of hours trying to get this to work, i had to give up. It is so badly put together, badly documents and lacks structure. I have to agree with the comments of the first critical review below that says it is best to stick with joomla's email.
Owner's reply

I dont know how you can compare it to Joomla's Email ! this Is a completely different solution. Also there are hundreds of users who are successfully using this. I would suggest you read the documentation or use our Forum for Community for support.. If you need professional Support get a Support subscription..

byfaidhi, December 17, 2010
It is only once in a while when you come across a high calibre component like this. It is more of like a development environment with a huge number of parts and therefore possibilities.
It is not one that you can pick up and utilise in hours or days, in my view it needs a long learning curve, but it is definitely worth it at the end. Support is great too and the developers are very helpful and go out of their way to solve any issues
byfaidhi, December 17, 2010
Power Mail
Certainly a good approach and works well. Nice work, however it seems like one has to click on the Retrieve Content button to actually get the articles to appear. This is laboureous & although it is meant to be automatic it doesn't appear so and one gets no support on this issue.
Owner's reply

Apparently this reviewer did not have their cron working. There are actually 3 ways to retrieve mail. This method which requires a button click and 2 automatic methods: an internal cron and an external cronjob.

Our forum discusses this setup and also the help section within powermail.

byfaidhi, May 21, 2010
Articles Anywhere
What a nice piece of work, accurate and down to the point. It certainly gives developers a lot of freedom and control over article placement with controlled contents. Well done & Thanks.