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byfalsetigerlimbs, February 4, 2011
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Q Alerts
This module is great! It literally took me less than 5 minutes to install and make it look how I wanted, and it works great! The flashing text effect is also a nice touch... it grabs your attention if you're looking elsewhere on the page.
byfalsetigerlimbs, December 27, 2010
JA Amazon S3
Before today I had no experience with S3/Cloudfront. I signed up for it, and then immediately registered for JoomlArt just so I could download this extension. I find it very easy and intuitive to set up and use, and my site is already serving static content from my cloudfront domain! I'm very excited about that and I couldn't have done it without this extension. Thanks :)
byfalsetigerlimbs, November 1, 2010
Images make up about 95% of my site's content or more, so naturally I have tried all of the more feature-rich Joomla galleries available. I have found this one to be the best. It's easily customizable & has tons of configuration options. It's easy to organize images with subcategories and categories, the links can be made SEF, easy integration with jcomments... the list goes on. I also asked for support in the forum once and received a fast response.

The only issue I've encountered is that the pages make a LOT of mysql queries; combined with the other queries on my pages, some pages are making 80-100 queries (and yes, I've checked that the majority are from Joomgallery). So if you have hundreds to thousands of images and several thousand visitors a day, the number of queries may become a problem, as they have for me. But my solution was to re-code some of the gallery pages myself to be specific for my site. My pages now make 1/8th of the queries, but I still get to enjoy all the wonderful benefits of JoomGallery :)
byfalsetigerlimbs, April 11, 2010
Freestyle FAQs
I've tried all of the non-commercial FAQ components/modules available on this site, as well as the commercial MooFAQ. When I installed Freestyle FAQ, the pop up windows didn't work in internet explorer. The FAQ answers would just open as a separate page with a white background, but without even opening a new tab/window. This was a disappointment and prompted me to switch to MooFAQ. But then I found that MooFAQ had a compatibility problem with IE too, in that the sliders didn't work.... so I went back to Freestyle FAQ and got the pop ups working myself. Now I love it, and in my opinion it's better than MooFAQ, which I paid $15 for. I like that I don't have to create new articles to make questions like with MooFAQ. I prefer making my questions/answers within the component itself :) I may switch to the pro version in the future, but right now I'm still feeling a bit of a hole in my pocket from MooFAQ :/
Owner's reply


Thanks for the review. If you have any problems or suggestions for future please feel free to get in touch. We alwyas listen to the requirements of our customers.

Also, new versions of all 3 Freestyle Joomla products will be released later this week.

Thanks again,

Emily Clarke
Freestyle Joomla

byfalsetigerlimbs, April 11, 2010
iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
I've tried all of the non-commercial FAQ tools on this site. I was looking for a simple FAQ component with sleek animation. I loved Freestyle FAQ Lite but the pop up questions didn't work in internet explorer (which most of my visitors use), so I purchased this component as a last resort. It's easy to set up and customize, but the sliding animations didn't work in internet explorer. Based on the reviews, it seems like this component comes with great customer service, so I could probably contact them and get it figured out if I wanted. But honestly, I have to *really* like a component to go to the trouble of asking for support, so instead, I got Freestyle's pop ups working on my own. I don't necessarily regret buying this, because it is a nice component and I might use it for something in the future, but I am a bit disappointed that it didn't work right out of the box. It's most likely just an interaction with one of my other modules, so don't let this review turn you off, but know that it doesn't necessarily work "right out of the box" for everyone, like some of the reviews state.