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byfalz, April 4, 2009
I installed mad4joomla a several times.
this time i needed a special functionality.
i contacted the developer and ....
guess what ...
i got a PRE RELEASE of the upcoming new version 1.2.
of course i promised not to distribute it, until the official version is gonna be published.
please don't ask me if you can get a copy :-)
the only thing i can say is, that the new release will be awesome. DB functions, new captchas, new languages, sending copys of the form to the users .....
An excellent software and service.
byfalz, April 4, 2009
I used this on old joomla installations.
and now on j1.5.
i like jce because you can adjust everythinng as you wish.
it also has lots of extras which can be installed.
keep on the good work