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byfanatic4more, March 23, 2010
It's a nice component
byfanatic4more, March 23, 2010

I originally used and installed the JoomlaStats component, but after few month I realized how worseless the information are captured. Even the reports were not really helpful.

However, I installed this fantastic component and I am impressed.

- The component installed itself seemless
- The upgrade functionality has migrated all JoomlaStats data to j4age
- The reports are well reworked and finally do allow me to analyse the traffic.

I reviewed the data after the upgrade and I have to say this this nice component fixed many issues within the existing statistic data. From 100.000 records about system / browser information, it has fixed at least 30% of the records. Since the upgrade, the version numbers are the systems are shown correctly, systems like IPhone are not shown as Linux, mobile phones are displayed, ...

Even the activation module works extremly faster with my big database like it did on the first day.

Btw. I also use Google Analytics, which is pretty good in getting a general overview about the traffic. However, i would definetely recommend to install this component in addition as you can see exactly what every visitor has done on your page, things you can't do with Google.

Looking forward to see what you guys do next! Great Job, thank you for this extension!