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byfarseer, February 1, 2011
OSE Membership™
5 out of 5, but if I could give 10 stars I would. This component is in my Top 3 all time best Joomla components. This is the second product I have bought from OSE (and the second one to make my top 3 list) and the only thing I don't understand is why they charge so little for their products...
MSC is a brilliant membership solution for any website. It is very flexible and infinitely powerful. Yes, there is a bit of a learning curve 'cos it can do so much but the documentation is good. And the support is outstanding.
I needed a little customization so I mailed them to ask what it would cost. An hour later I got a plugin in my mailbox which did what I had asked for. I then asked for a further little modification to suit my needs, and got it another hour later. And no extra costs....
All my support questions were answered quickly and properly.
This component is worth every cent they are asking, don't even consider the cost. 'Cos when you find out how well the OSE team supports their product, you'll only be left wondering why they don't charge more:)
Thanks Helix and co.
byfarseer, March 17, 2010
I am sure this will be a wonderful component but for the price tag it has it has been released far too early. It does not work properly, not out the box. It seriously lacks documentation both within the component and on their website. Support tickets are responded to quickly but this product is new to the support staff too and they are not completely briefed on it yet either. You really should have got some people to "beta" test this product before releasing it commercially, then you could have worked all of these issues out before release.