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byfastnet, June 5, 2014
CW Multicategories
It does what it says on the tin!!!
Required for team member articles - some were in the UK category, some in the International category & some in both.
byfastnet, February 16, 2013
Articles Anywhere
Sometimes you place a ticket or a forum post with an extension developer and wonder:

... will I get a response?
... how long will it take to get a response?
... can my issue be resolved?

Well, all I can say is thanks Peter for the lightning fast response. Not only that, but my issue was resolved with a couple of clicks of things Peter had already thought of & had implemented in the extension by default... so no hacking required, brilliant.

If you want to place article bit's & pieces 'AnyWhere' - this is the extension to use.

Kudos my man!
byfastnet, October 13, 2011
RSform Pro
I can not say enough about the RSformPro component and also their ticket support which is 1st class.

I use RSformPro on all of my client sites and the new v1.4 is absolutely awesome to say the least.

With advice from the RSJoomla guys, I have been able to do everything I need and also make some forms stand on the head for some strange client requirements.

RSformPro is worth many times it's cost and worth every penny!
byfastnet, August 28, 2011
Real Preview for Joomla
I have been using this extension for about 6 months on a county council website (even prior to being published in the JED). I can only congratulate Alan on a superb & very useful extension... well done
byfastnet, December 10, 2009
Hats off to JoomlaWorks, Fotis & his team.

I have mentioned to many people that K2 has saved my skin on many projects now.

If you are considering a website where you want your client to have total control, K2 is the component to use. It gives you the capability to totally control all aspects of a limited 'article' page in Joomla - in K2, the 'item' page gives you "everything in one".

using version 2.1 at the moment & can't wait for version 2.2 to arrive - no doubt with more extremely useful features.