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1. JGrid installs without any problems
2. JGrid is useful for datatable needs where the storage details are not of interest.
3. JGrid offers a free limited-functionality release.

1. JGrid stores all of its data in 20 internal database tables (e.g., jos_jgrid_columndata) in your existing Joomla schema. These tables, unfortunately, have a proprietary (unpublished) organization that is not useable by any back-end process that might need to read, write, or update that data. Database Normalization ( has not been performed on the database. For example, column headings are duplicated for each row.
2. Because of the database proprietary organization, performance, backup, and reuse issues will be present because the schema is not separable from the Joomla website.
3. JGrid is based on ExtJS. This is problematic because of ExtJS's licensing ( and their pricing (
4. JGrid requires that you install separate modules for each datatable you want to publish. They provide a pre-made pack of 12 modules that you can install. But, this is very inconvenient and makes data management difficult.
5. No export/import capabilities (either manual or real-time) are available.
Owner's reply

The reviewer is a very sophisticated software developer looking for a module to build a sophisticated application that can join various Joomla database tables with SQL and MyPHPAdmin capabilities from the front end on Joomla. We are considering creating this kind of capability in a future product using JGrid as a great way to display data, but with much of the functionality described in the review.

However on mistake in review JGrid does provide import and export of data to the grids via .CSV files like any other application

More importantly to most of you, JGrid is made to allow a normal Joomla user to quickly create and display table data grids in Joomla and allow multiple users to edit and view that data with a very capable user access control system. The free version allows all functionality but multiple user access control and editing which is provided in the Club Version.

JGrid keeps all of the data in just a few tables which are designed for performance and does not fill and clutter your database as recommended by the reviewer with new tables every time you create a new grid.

The EXTJS framework is free as well and comes licensed with the JGRID Component under the same GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE as JGrid. This is no issue to you and in fact EXTJS is one of if not the best most functional professional framework to display your tabulated data and is used in the many commercial web sites like CNN, Amazon, Yahoo, Visa and many others see:

If you just want to load the component, create a few grids with easy to create columns and start displaying your real estate properties, club team results, member lists, group managed issue lists, or any other kind of tabulated data, JGrid is the best option now and in the future as we continue to add capability.