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ARRA User Migrate
I appreciate the try, and eventually I got the extension to work but I can not lie about the fact that it is very unsatisfactory that it doesn't work properly across different OS! It was a immense frustration, my website was delivered a week later because there was simple solution/response.

For any Mac users, use PC to save yourself from a big load of annoyance. (**my review is not about OS's)

Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing ARRA... compatibility issues happen between OS's.

I'm not entirely sure if I missed a step, but it seemed to me that Mac Office Excel added "stuff" to the exported file (CSV), that when importing it it caused ARRA to not recognize the fields.

I tried saving as TXT, and it worked when I typed by hand four fictitious users to test the extension. However, that same TXT didn't work when I tried "copying and pasting" multiple lines (users) from the Excel file. (*I was trying to "clean" the file by using it in TXT rather than CSV by throwing the data into the TXT file, which is supposed to be plain text!)

In the end, after pulling my hair off, I used a PC (on another computer) and did the whole process all over again. Exported a sample file, added the users I needed, saved and imported the same file. In the PC it worked as CSV. (*I did try as TXT before hand, trying to keep the file simple and clean, but that didn't work. It said the file "had been imported successfully", but when I looked at it it had not added any users past the first line, which was simply myself!).

Anyways, I do appreciate ARRA trying at first, and again, it does the job (eventually), but it was a lot of wasted hours trying to figure this out on my own to make it work, and I wouldn't be honest if I said I'm 100% satisfied.

Hope this helps future users and ARRA team to look for solutions for this type of compatibility problems so other customers don't have to go through the same frustration.

Take care.
Owner's reply

Right in the component page we have instructions for MAC users and we added now more info in separate documentation page too. This issue is not because our migrate component but because MAC CSV encoding.