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byfdl33, November 23, 2013
I will not go through the list of defects I have, but let me give you one example: If you make any error entering ingredients, you cannot edit, you have to delete and re-enter! I have been waiting for an answer from paid support for over 2 weeks now.. wrote back 3 times... no answer.. no comment...
Owner's reply

Hello fdl33,

I am very sorry you reported such a bad experience using YooRecipe.

For your information, I started a complete redesign of the way ingredients are managed. This main improvement should be available within Christmas.

Concerning forum restriction, we use jpayplans and asked this component editor to bring evolutions regarding forum access control.

As for the lack of support in November & December, I had to burry a child and have not been able to work as usual. This is not an excuse, but I did my very best in this special circumstances.

Sylvain, YooRecipe founder.