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byfede312, June 28, 2014
I was looking for an entire week. I went through all of the image gallery extensions out there to find all of the necessary requirements I was asked for
1. Responsive
2. Social Media Share
4. FTP uploads
5. Search Engine.
And still it has a bunch of other functions such as selling images, custom css, and a bunch of other options, the back end is excellent. Even though is such a complete solution it is very easy to use and setup. I needed some assistance with my setup but the tech support was outstanding. Great Extension! Thanks for the good work!
byfede312, February 22, 2014
Youtube Gallery
This is a great responsive component for showing youtube videos on Joomla! I check a lot of them and I also own several extensions for the same purpose and this one is the best by far! Also I must say the developer takes good care of his customers, I had a few setup questions and he was there available on the chat and resolved my inquiry immediately! Good Job! +++
byfede312, January 30, 2014
Canonical Links for K2
I must say I was very frustrated dealing with duplicate issues with K2 until I found this extension.

Very straight forward, very easy to install.

In the beginning there was some issues due to another canonical plugin for the regular content of Joomla I installed before, it did not allow the extension to work properly.

I contacted the developers, they answered immediately and solved my issue in no time. Great Tech Support! If you use K2 this is a must have.
byfede312, July 7, 2013
As an experienced Joomla user with many years under my belt. I have to give this extension 5 starts.

Not only it works out of the box, but it is also fully customizable so you can make the design look like your original site with very few limited skills required.

But most Impressive of all is their tech support, not only it is excellent, but it is fast, fast, fast.

I found myself with a few issues due to the complexity of my project, I was doing something unconventional.

As soon as I reported them my issues, they responded immediately within minutes and created a new version with all the improvements I needed to make my project not only possible but to run smoothly.

We even encountered a bug on the i-phone 4S working on landscape mode. (Not a bug on the extension, but a bug on the i-phone device itself!). As soon as I communicated this issue, they wrote a code to bypass it, literally within minutes and sent me a new version of the extension.

But the most impressive thing of all is that all these happened during the weekend! (Talking about great tech support)

Undoubtedly my best experience so far with the issues that comes with acquiring a new extension.

If you need to make your site responsive or need a responsive version for a tablet or a mobile device, you do not need to think twice, this is the extension for you.
byfede312, May 2, 2013
SJ Twitter
I'm renewing my site making it responsive and I needed a Twitter Extension to work with that responsive technology. This is it! Works right out of the box and I was able to customize colors and everything to make it look like the one I originally had. Good Work!!
byfede312, April 12, 2013
Spider Video Player
I bought this extension I didn't want to work with the playlist. I wanted separate html5 videos. I was trying to make this work within an article and I couldn't so I wrote to them, but before they've had the chance to answer I was able to figure it out. Turns out that the problem was my own mental deficiency (LOL). The extension works just fine as far as I can tell. Nice player. Good Job!
byfede312, September 23, 2012
I've purchase the component for a client that needed a music page. This is a wonderful extension, since it's html5 compatible.

I had a little issues in the beginning, probably due to a mistake I made during installation. The developer answered me within minutes and solved my problem.

I highly recommend this one.
byfede312, August 23, 2012
Akeeba Backup
A must have! Definitely the best of its kind. I've been using it for several years without any issues and it has saved me from loosing my data on more than one occasion. Easy to use, easy to restore.
byfede312, June 6, 2012
jQuery News Ticker
This is not the first extension I buy from this company.

Easy to install, and the tech support is outstanding!

They even have a chat system and they are very fast in solving any issues you might have, if you do.

But suffice is to say that this is the best looking News Ticker that worked for me after buying 3 of them.
PDF to JPG convertor and viewer
I've purchase this extension, it is very promising, but an less you are an expert guru you will not be able to use it. To make it work you must install ImageMagick on your computer and in your server, and that is not an easy task there are not one button installations. If you have a Mac you have to have X-code already install and must follow a difficult set of instructions using the terminal, as far as your server I have GoDaddy they do not support help so you are on your own making a very difficult PHP installation of ImageMagick on your servers. It can take days to have this one working. To my opinion not worth the time.
Owner's reply

Thank you for submitting review. In case of plugin integration you can contact us I will be happy to help you.

Regarding ImageMagicK, you are right plugin requires ImageMagick support, today almost all shared hosters have this extension so it is not a big deal. For the dedicated hosters, if a client is not able to install or configure, we can help them install Imagemagick too.

byfede312, February 8, 2012
Advertise Scroller
It worked out of the box, easy to use, fantastic functionality. I had a little conflict with one of my other modules, I've submitted a ticket,they tech support literary answered me back in seconds and solved my problem. I had a crucial appointment in the morning and they went out of their way to help me. Thanks a lot guys. You Rock!!!!!
byfede312, December 18, 2011
sPro Facebook Landing Page
Very nice! I've purchased it, installed it. Set up was easy. Made the page I needed and that's it. It works out of the box!
byfede312, October 1, 2011
Very easy to use and setup. Great and really fast tech support!
byfede312, January 5, 2011
Event Booking
It's simple to use and setup. Compatible with few payment types. It has lot's of options, allowing coupons, group discounts and member discounts. Might encounter incompatibilities with some templates. But the tech support is outstanding! I've always had a fast response and solutions.
byfede312, August 2, 2010
Smart Flash Header
I was looking throughout all the picture slide extensions to have a nice header inside of a module for a Website that needed to have rotating promotions. I had trouble with most of them. This one works right out of the box. Excellent job! Thanks