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byferchoroots, November 15, 2012
Slideshow CK
Joomla3 not work for, I have a template with fluid design, and do not see the module.

In support say I should disable jquery in my template, but if I do, the template is damaged and conflicts with other features.

Sorry. No good.
Owner's reply

you should know that Joomla3 manage now the Jquery library in its API. I use this technique in the slideshow to have the best compatibility and avoid such issues.
Does your template do so ? Have you asked yourself if my slideshow is really in cause ?

byferchoroots, November 10, 2012
Fun Supersized
The CMS says it has not been able to find the configuration XML file Joomla. It took me almost 20 minutes registrándome, convinced that served to Joomla 3 as it says in the compatibility. In addition to delayed registration, are very confusing to download files and store system with ends confusing you.
Owner's reply

We've just updated the module.
Now it is compatible with Joomla 3.0.
Please check and test.

byferchoroots, September 19, 2012
JO Slider Scroll
The module has amazing effects, is easy to configure and use. The problem came when I wanted to change the directory of the images that come by default in the demo, when I did I got errors in the databases and thumbnails to me twice. The solution was to upload the images to the default directory the module, the developer's website and has no clear support forum.
Owner's reply

Can you send me bug via forum. Can i help you

byferchoroots, January 13, 2012
Sot Article Thumbnail slide
After searching a lot, and find many options for moving items but you pay, I came across this excellent application.

Very easy to install, configure and works 100%, the only problem I see is that not allowed to customize the color and leaves only choose 5 items.

Would be nice if you activate the option to change the color of the article title and size.