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byfinesse, April 9, 2009
Mini FrontPage
This module is almost great. Almost. For the simple purpose of listing certain articles with local images on my front page it does brilliantly. The CSS is easy to edit and it's very user friendly in setting up. Also, the newest version of this extension does allow multiple instances of the module on the same page, which I think is wonderful. My only complaint is that I get serious errors and the module looks incredibly nasty whenever I have images from external sites. If I had only a few articles this wouldn't be a problem but I use another component to grab music news from major news sites which includes images and it converts it to articles. I use MFP to display those articles and it fails miserably. I've tried looking on their forum for a fix and there is very little support for external images. If anything they tell people to just download the images and store them locally. I simply do not have the time to get each image for each article and upload them to my site. If there was a way to allow images with external links, my rating would be perfect as this is truly a great module and I would highly recommend it to everyone.