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byfireman, March 18, 2010
iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
Alright. Here is the deal, I am glad to have this component in my stable.
First let's talk about the component because it meets the needs:
- easy to install
- easy to modify
- easy to use
nuf said

Next we look at the support:
- free forum
- free direct email support
- developer is willing to bug fix for you if necessary
- answers support questions in a jiffy (I had 5 questions throughout the day and into the eveving and the average response time was less than 8 minutes!)
- knows what he's doing
- one of the most courteous people I have ever dealt with regarding extensions

Finally the cost $$:
- 15 buck.. that's right only $15 for this

Try it.. you'll love it!!