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Reviews(9), September 14, 2012
This is the best component for downloads, available. I've been using Remository in various projects over the past few years and it never failed.
Setting it up is easy and intuitive. The only downside is the front-end styling. Nothing that can't be corrected by your own stylesheets.

One thing is still missing, though: Translations/Multi-Language support., September 14, 2012
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Lof ArticlesSlideShow
Works as intended, though there are still some bugs with current version (e.g. when using custom class name).
Customization and usage are excellent!, July 27, 2008
Phoca Favicon
Works as advertised in most cases, though has problems with some very rare templates. Nothing to blame the component for, I guess.

Just install, upload your desired image, select template and image, click patch and ready!, July 27, 2008
This works flawlessly! Nice and simple, works out of the box without much configuration.

The only feature request I have is the ability to restrict indexing of certain menues to a max-depth. This could become quite handy for news-websites with many articles, July 27, 2008
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This editor goes far beyond "brilliant"! It works, it has groups, it has custom buttons, it has designable button rows for each group, it is very powerfull, creating nice and clean code. JCE has everything you would ever want, I guess!
This absolutely rocks.

I recommend using the Advanced image manager plug-in, too, which adds a neat Lightbox and advanced image handling (e.g. text floating around images etc.) options., July 27, 2008
Simple Image Gallery
This is very neat and clean!
It does what it says, no worrying about having to publish or organize your images - just upload it to your directory, but one simple line in your article and there you go!

I built a large gallery using joomla content section and categorys with articles being the gallery directorys. I works flawlessly and very simple!
The only thing I wish the free version should have added once, is pagination for really large folders! Add this, and it will be an 5stars plug-in!, July 27, 2008
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Works great and flawlessly, even out-of-the-box! Install, configure, enable and there you go!

Though not as many options as sh404sef, this is definitely worth a look! I use it on one of my private sites (A community site) and it worked flawless. Though I do not recommend this free version for commercial sites due to the Copyright tag. (In the paid version it is possible to disable the tag), July 27, 2008
Phoca Gallery
This is a very powerful and clean gallery. I used it for a 300+ (and growing) gallery website and it's integration into articles is nearly flawless.
There are even some nice goodies like PicLens support or various ways to display the full images in the gallery component, as well as some extra modules and plugins (The Random Image module is just great!)

All I wish to be added some day is the ability to have a "auto-size" lightbox which adjusts according to the image resolution instead of a fixed lightbox size., July 27, 2008
This is an absolutely brilliant piece of Software! I recommend it to all who want to integrate a powerfull forum into their website. It's definitely very use to install and use, though I recommend you really follow the install instructions. (Which are very short and not hard to follow, even for absolute beginners, I guess)

This works almost flawless, even in this early Alpha stadium, on my private Community Site. Very brilliant, and I will definitely donate to it!