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byfirstlastname, September 6, 2011
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XCloner-Backup and Restore
I switched from Akeeba to XCloner after problems with Akeeba. The switch didn't happen without first trying to correct the problems I had with Akeeba. After routing out info from the Akeeba forums and testing various solutions I an glad to say I found XCloner.

I haven't done a full evaluation of the extension yet but the feature I have used are solid, easy to use and remarkable slick.

Installing was simple and even with a low maximum upload limit to my server XCloner installed without having to unpack it fully and FTP it to the tmp directory before installing, it just installed straight from the archive file.

After Xclone was installed on the Virtual Shared Server it worked right out of the box without having to workout any configuration conflicts.

Personally, after using Akeeba for a year on various other installtions, I think its become to complicated, takes to long to back your site up and has become to clever for its own good.

XCloner feels smooth simple and does a great job of backing up your Joomla. I've not tried using a backup to reinstall a Joomla yet but after using XCloner for a month or two I have confidence that the easy slick functionality will continue once I get the opportunity to use it to install from backup files.

In terms of Pros, its solid, easy to use etc as I have said. I haven't found any Cons yet.

The performance of XCloner is supa, really quick to back up vast databases and large collections of files.

Not tested out how the level of support compares to other backup extensions. I'm hoping never have to find this out.

My level of experience with Joomla and web technologies extense to 15 years with web tech and 6 years with Joomla.

XCloner, absolutely solid extension.