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byflasp, February 5, 2014
One of the absolutely must have extensions. Works like a dream - easy to configure - and excellent, fast support.
byflasp, July 17, 2012
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I havent really tested this, but I find the way it works problematic. Unless you only have a few a articles. It works in the way that you have to assign an article, listed in one long list to every category. First you open category A and assign the article and then you have to go into category B and assign the same article and so on.
It really should be the other way around.
But for a small site with only 50-100 articles it will probably work fine.
Owner's reply

Another way exists! Go directly to an article (open it for editing) and click Multicategories button right under the editor textarea. The list of your categories should appear. Choose several categories for your article and click Select (you can use Ctrl + Click to select more than one item), then save the article