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byflatmattj, May 24, 2012
Smart Reach for SobiPro
This extension is excellent and is a true missing link for anyone using SobiPro. It installs easily and is very simple to get setup for anybody who understands Joomla 2.5 Smart Search.
If you don't understand Smart Search, no problem! There is excellent documentation for the extension and even better support. I wonder if the developer ever sleeps - that is how good the support is.
Highly recommended and worth the small fee Prieco charges for the power it ads to your SobiPro directory!


I have used several types of directory extensions on different sites, but SobiPro is bar none the best.

One thing that SobiPro lacks is any kind of built in search component that interfaces with Joomla 2.5 in a proper way.
Smart Reach takes it to the next level and combines the power of SobiPro with Joomla 2.5 Smart Search and the outcome is amazing.
The developers truly have an understanding of SobiPro and how the SobiPro directory works. They took it to the next level by combining the Joomla! Smart Search with SobiPro and all I have to say is WOW!

I would call it the missing link for SobiPro because it works perfect and has great support. It truly added way more value to the site than the little bit it costs!
Owner's reply


Thank you! We really appreciate your feedback. It helps us to improve in our roadmap.

We want to provide top-notch search products for SobiPro. Now, we are working on new developments based on these same ideas.

Kind Regards,
Prieco Support Team

byflatmattj, March 8, 2011
CComment Pro
This comment system has worked great for us and the support is top notch.

One excellent feature of this comment system is that you can create different "instances" for each component you assign it to. So you could have one setup for your articles and then completely customize something else for another 3 components independently. I love this feature the most.

Works right out of the box,but highly customizable and a ton of plugins for things like Jomsocial and MyBlog. (for all of you trying to make Jcomment work with MyBlog - try this, it just works)

Finally, the themes look very professional and work with my RocketThemes seamlessly.

I did see some others complaining about having this extension be commercial, but I have no issues paying for a great extension with great support.

Overall, 10 stars!
byflatmattj, December 6, 2010
JE Story submit
I needed something for any user on the site to submit a full story and pick a category to submit a story to. I looked and blogging tools and none of them were the simple solution I needed.
This fit the bill perfect! From the front end any user can easily submit the story. (you can set registered or guest - I don't allow guests to post but you could- there is a captcha built in) Then you can receive an email (or set not to) and review the story in the articles. Simply publish or don't. That easy!
This will be a great addition to my site allowing users to interact in an entire new way than just the JomSocial community I have as all users and even guest can read the stories, encouraging them to join my community. Not only the user experience, but the articles publish as regular Joomla! articles which means as your users publish stories they simply add to SEO on your site by writing content for you!
Since it posts to standard articles, just enable Jcomments or Jomcomment for the categories and you then you have a great system!
Setup is a breeze and the support is great. They were very responsive and quick. I needed a few things done and they even modified the extension to suit my needs.
Thanks for this great extension!
byflatmattj, December 6, 2010
Look no further, stop wasting time and just go get this extension if you want to blog with Joomla!
After trying several free blog tools and even paying for MyBlog (like somebody else said) I realized all lacked the features I required and support was non-existent. I broke down and tried Easy Blog. I wish I had done so sooner!
I cannot say enough about this extension and the support team! The install is easy and it has a ton of features for integration with Twitter (like sending automatic tweets of your blog) Facebook, AddThis, Google Adsense integration and also works great with JomSocial. It has it's own slick comment system (with optional recapture) built in but also integrates with others like Jcomment and Jomcomment. Using the JCE editor also is very nice for my bloggers. (over TinyMCE)
This blogging tool is also highly customizable to do pretty much everything you need. Unlike other tools I tried, there are a ton of modules (all free) for almost anything and since they are module based you place anywhere you want on any page, but also you don't need to load extra "fluff" modules you aren't going to use.
Another great feature is the ACL - you can totally control what all built in Joomla! groups can and can't do. (like 19 or so settings for each group)
It also has a very nice image uploader that actually uploads images to your bloggers folder and allows great image tagging! This is a huge plus for me and is very easy to use.
Several really nice templates that will fit with any existing site look too. I'm using a Rocket Theme and Easy Blog integrated beautifully.
The support is responsive, knowledgeable, very friendly and helped with any issue I had very quickly. The year support contract is well worth the small price.
These are just a few things I love about this extension. Like I said - if you want a Blogging solution for Joomla! stop looking and try this one out, you will not regret it.