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byflavia.silveira, July 6, 2013
JO Social Share for K2
Out of the box functionality. No need to do much of anything but order the icons as you prefer them to appear.
Great communication with developers prior to purchase.

byflavia.silveira, November 19, 2012
User Killer
I have a few "must-have" extensions on all of my sites. A good number of them are Abivia's.
User Killer fills in an important role for Joomla administrators and simplifies the user management to a few simple clicks to install the extension. Great job as usual!
byflavia.silveira, October 14, 2012
No need to do anything else but install, add your site's shortname and voilá!
Everything works beautifully.
byflavia.silveira, January 20, 2012
Not only it is easy to install and use but support is fantastic.
I had an issue (NOT caused by the extension) but that affected it and the developer was kind enough to give me a hand with it.
Recommended ++!
byflavia.silveira, December 1, 2011
Really looking forward to having the 1.7 version of this extension. The 1.5 is a breeze to install, use and customize. When can we hope to have a 1.7 native? Thank you!
Owner's reply

The new version 2.0 is now upgraded to Joomla 2.5.x. :-)

byflavia.silveira, March 1, 2011
AutoCopy Automatic Copyright
Very easy to install and configure. Deployable in less than 3 minutes. Must have extension.
byflavia.silveira, July 31, 2010
This extension will take the work out of tuning meta/keywords per page. It is simple to install and if you ever come across an issue the developer is extremely responsive and answers emails right away. Great work! I truly hope he keeps working on it and updating the extension as needed. Looking forward to a J! 1.6 version :)
byflavia.silveira, July 12, 2010
Cache Cleaner
No need to go to the tools to clean cache anymore. Just click the button and it's done. Another one of the NoNumber extensions on my default install list.
byflavia.silveira, July 12, 2010
Add to Menu
Saves tons of time adding items to the correct menus. Just create the item, apply the changes and the add to menu button will appear and you can add the new item to any available menu.
byflavia.silveira, July 12, 2010
Articles Anywhere
Easy to install and use. Just insert articles anywhere you want them to appear (modules, articles within other content items, etc). Must have!
byflavia.silveira, July 12, 2010
Advanced Module Manager
Once you have this extension installed once you will never go without it again! It gives you absolute control over your modules. Never have to get frustrated over modules showing in the wrong pages again. Very easy to install and use.
byflavia.silveira, July 12, 2010
Sourcerer is one of extensions on my default install list. Awesome extension! Peter is always updating his extensions so always check his site or following him on Twitter for news on releases.
byflavia.silveira, July 10, 2010
Modules Anywhere
All NoNumber extensions are very useful. I start my sites with most of them installed by default. The name says it all. Modules Anywhere allows you to add modules anywhere you want besides the already existing module positions in your template. AND it can be set to ignore a module's status so you can load a module in a content item in one single page of your site (use Advanced Module Manager) with that module being unpublished so it won't show anywhere else but where you want it to show. For any questions try the forum posts and you will find answers there but the documentation was enough for me.
byflavia.silveira, July 10, 2010
Redaction Utility
It might look difficult to use at first (to non-programmers like me) but once you understand the rules it becomes a breeze to create new ones or just use the ones already compiled on the developer's forum. Must have extension.
byflavia.silveira, July 10, 2010
Very flexible and easy to use. Many filtering options. A Must have :)
byflavia.silveira, July 10, 2010
Better Preview
All NoNumber extensions are very useful. I start my sites with most of them installed by default. Better Preview saves tons of time when previewing articles just created. No need to go to the frontpage and navigate to the new page anymore. Better Preview takes you directly to the newly created page.
byflavia.silveira, July 10, 2010
All NoNumber extensions are very useful. I start my sites with most of them installed by default and ReReplacer is one of them. Keep them coming Peter :)