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byfljoom, January 6, 2014
I was looking for a joomla extension (3.2) which can integrate a complete youtube channel. JUSERTUBE seems to me to be from all extensions in this category the right approach. And in the demo it does exactly the right thing. Here I would like to give 5 stars, because it is easy to install too and works in general in all layouts.

Unfortunately, the layout "responsive slider" can not cope (yet) with my responsive template (J3.2.1) - or my template struggles with this extension. Otherwise, I am very happy with it, so I rate this great extension with clear conscience 4 stars.
Skyline Downloads Pro
I needed a download module that is able to handle mp3-downloads for a music production studio. The tracks shall bee seen in public, but downloads in registered mode only.

The installation was easy, so the "documents" handling.

I had a minor problem at the list view for downloads. After contacting the support team the bug was fixed in no time. Now the Skyline Download pro extension works exactly as I want.

Summary: Excellent download extension, excellent support !

byfljoom, December 24, 2012
Very easy to install, create and manage invoices, items (products/services/etc) and contacts (which can be linked to joomla registered user or create in one go), invoice and email templates easy to adapt, extension regular updates and new features, most self explaining, help desk very helpful when needed, quick and customer friendly, ticketing system one of the top ever seen, after evaluating an invoice system for my company I have chosen this extension from chill creation - and for an incredible low price. | Nice to have: multilingual invoice template.