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byflora086, November 5, 2010
As a visitor, you are visiting this page to solve your redirection issue, and here's the right place to be :)
I installed this extension to solve a redirection issue (I wanted the subdirectory of my domain to behave as the main directory),
I posted it on the forum (search for the post "redirect from subdirectory to 1 higher level"),and I later found out that it can't be solved with RedJ.
but let me tell you, the support is fantastic, and Luigi helped me all the way to the proper configuration (although it's not a customization of the extension itself!)
Bless you!
byflora086, August 20, 2010
Advantages (over Cpanel):
- it has a feature of uploading from another server (which is a time saver, and to me a bandwidth saver for my prepaid internet connection)
- (if I'm not wrong)it shows hidden files (i looked though cpanel for .htaccess files but couldn't find them! but extplorer shows them :) )
- the ability to save directories as favorites, for a quick way to reopen the directories :)
- all files are opened in the tabs of the component, so a new window won't open, it's in the same window :)
- i tried the "difference" feature, but in some way it didn't work with me, i think i just don't know how to use this feature :P
in any ways, this feature can't be found in cpanel
- the ability to reload selected folders on the left main navigation (without having to reload all the page)

now the disadvantages to me:
- the "search" almost never shows results when searching for a specific content.
now, if working on this feature would make the component bloated, i would love that someone tells me a way to search the directories instead :)
- it's not as easy to copy the url of the directory as it is in cpanel
(personally i click on the "copy" dialog just so i can retrieve the url)

i rate this 5 stars because the disadvantages are minor towards the advantages :)

hey! and did i forget to mention it's free :D