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byfluffybunny, October 19, 2012
Social Sharing
This is a great product. It makes adding social login through sites like facebook and linked in super easy.

But the best thing about this component is that the service Loginradius offers is absolutely top notch. They explain how to get the API keys from the different providers step by step (you really can't go wrong) and offer quick and accurate support through their 'public question' system.
byfluffybunny, October 16, 2012
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I bought this extension because almost everyone agrees that it is a very good extension, even though the support was terrible.

However, as of last week, Jomsocial has reinstated their forum. Support so far has been excellent! It remains to be seen if it stays that way of course, but so far so good. So two thumbs up for Jomsocial!
byfluffybunny, July 13, 2011
A great extension is wonderful of course, but great support can be just as important (if not more so) a fact sometimes overlooked.

ReDJ offers helpful and active support when needed, making an already cool extension even better. I had problems redirecting url's with special characters in them, but Luigi helped me quickly solve the problem.

This is - in my mind - a must have ReDJ extension anyway, at least if you want to (continue to) enjoy the favors of mighty Google, which hates 404 just as much as users do. With ReDJ, you can easily remedy that.

Thanks again Luigi!
byfluffybunny, October 3, 2009
Akeeba Backup
Not all of us are Joomla wizards, but all of us do need good backup software. Joomlapack is not only very easy to use and also understandable for people with more modest web development skills, it also offers excellent support for when you do run into problems. This is the kind of feature that is sometimes underestimated, until you actually do run into trouble.

I had a problem with unpacking a JPA backup archive on a local host (MAMP) and the Joomlapack support stuck by me until solved. Thanks guys!

If you have this same problem, see [url=,com_kunena/Itemid,98/catid,39/func,view/id,18559/]how to upload local backup to new local site[/url]