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byflyingeagle855, January 28, 2011
Artof Editor
By far the best editor yet. I hope to see this jump up the list fast. One of the biggest features I was looking for was a way to copy in MS Word articles.

I am using this on a Motorcycle community web site, and lets just say these folk are not tech savvy. So far the response has been very positive. Easy to use, clean layout, and good features. Most of our writers like to use MS word to write their articles, then copy and past into the web site article. In the other editors I tried, the pasted content was always formatted wrong, with this editor there is a special MSWord past icon that works.

Another great feature I liked was how easy it was to customize the buttons separately for the front and backed-end. I know that JVC you can edit the button layout but not as easy.

I am also digging the 3 style options. Very well done.

As a whole again you can not seem to go wrong here.
byflyingeagle855, June 21, 2010
All I can say is WOW! A Joomla product that dose what they say it will do, and if you are as week as I am with PHP and Joomla thier support is quick and persise. They even did a code change in one evening. This calendar is so customizable I can't see why you would not want it for your site.