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byfmmarzoa, January 4, 2012
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It has no configuration options to change component's behaviour at all. The editor is too complex for just commenting in most of the cases, the majority of the options are spare, and there is no way to disable them.

On the other hand, captcha is too simple. The most basical OCR can broke it in in the twinkling of an eye.

Also it includes a backlink to the author's page on comments form that is not noticed on the extension page.

Otherwise it looks promissing, but in very first stages. Hope it is improved in the future.
Owner's reply

Components behavior configuration:

Configuration option is added in 1.0.3 ( Releasing in late Jan 12)
Captcha will be now difficult to read by OCR ( 1.0.3) including configuration like backcolor,frontcolor and noise.

Configuring the Editor button in 1.0.4.

Thanks for your review

byfmmarzoa, January 2, 2012
Joes Word Cloud
I have installed it in my development environment for a site that I am migratting to Joomla from other CMS.

It works fine until I import 6000+ articles from my old site, after that it just hangs the site because it is not fast enough to generate the tag list: I end with a PHP fatal error of timeout kind after a while waiting for the page to be loaded when enabling the tags module.

I think this is a design problem without easy solution. For sites like the mine and bigger, probably a complexer component is needed, one with an option to generate the tag list through the backend if needed, and that updates it everytime an article is added.

Of course if your site has just some dozens of articles and you have not plans to grow fast, this module may be enough for your needs.
Owner's reply

Alternatively you can tell the module to only scan the titles of your articles (I have over 2000 and it works fine).

If it is really really slow, you can put words in the "inclusive" text box and this does not even connect to the database if this is populated. You would of course need to let the module run first to generate the word cloud, then simply copy and paste this into the box.

The module also comes with a few cache-mode options so you can play with those. So many ways of getting this to work, in just a few clicks.

I'm sorry this module was of no use to you, I created it because no other module allowed me to simply install a module, and for it to automatically generate it's own content.

byfmmarzoa, December 30, 2011
News Calendar
If isntalls very well on my site, and works like a charm. The use of a popup list is an advantage for my site, since I have customized it a lot with alternative layouts, and if I use a component based calendar instead, I should also modify its layout.

With this extension I just need to tweak the CSS a little bit to fit it perfectly to my site.

If someone has a site with a very high of publications per day, then this extension is not useful since the popup may even exceed the parent div boundaries, but for sites with less than twenty articles per day, it's just perfect.
byfmmarzoa, December 30, 2011
Blog Calendar Reload
The module gets stuck on December 2011 for me. The link for going a month back is correct, having the parameter "month=11", but when I click on it the page reloads on December 2011 again. If I clock on the link to forward one month, which GET parameters are month=1 and year=2012, it goes to December, 2012 instead.

It is clearly buggy, but this is not the worst problem. The worse is that the website linked for this extension is an spanish cooking blog or something similar, that has nothing to see with the extension, and there is no support forum or any manner to contact the author to report the bug through it.