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byfoesl, September 14, 2010
Once we worked only with vBulletin to manage our community. But we soon realised, that the integration into joomla is a pain. So we decided to switch to JomSocial + Kunena, and we were a little bit nervous about the change. But now, as the change is made, we don't regret it for one second. JomSocial is an amazing Joomla component (along with jreviews the best component in my opinion) with lots of features and the integration into kunena is simply awesome. I can't imagine a better solution for our Community and so I recommend everyone who want to create a serious web community with Joomla to buy this outstanding component.
byfoesl, December 11, 2008
Simple Review
Simple Review does exectly what it says, and it does it great. For Example I use it for TV-Ratings, which is absolutly amazing with this component, because the Template, and categorie-system is nearly perfect for this.

And there is also a great support, because the creator really helps you to customize the component. Definitely a component to watch...