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byfoley, October 19, 2014
This is a promising support desk extension for Joomla no doubt. However, most of the functionality do not work. Here are the Pros and cons based on my experience installing on a demo site:

1. Solid email templates and immediate email delivery as soon as visitor submits a ticket
2. Easy installation - set up was completed in less than 5 minutes
3. Simple UI - the user interface is easy to understand although compatibility with 3rd party Joomla templates CSS may be an issue for some.

1. Missing documentation
2. A few of the included features do not work - e.g
2.1. you can set up new canned messages but only the two included examples will show up for frontend makes no sense to enable this feature at all
2.2. No way for you to set the keyword parameters - example, ticket due time has keyword of overtime but as an admin you do not have control over when ticket is overdue, only the default number is shown to customer in email...and interestingly that number is 0!
byfoley, December 28, 2012
Priceleaf pro
This is definitely a promising instant quote extension.

1) Ability to configure different services/products.
2) Simple to use and set up in less than 10 minutes

1) Restricted language - Support likely limited to Russian language.
2) From email address uses the server address ( no way to customize the From email address sent to the visitor/customer (instead of
3) Layout/design needs improvement - visitors can easily get confused with present frontend design.
byfoley, December 14, 2011
Plan route with GMaps
This is very simple to install. It has several options to display the map - new window, same window, pop-up window and lightbox.

The only reason I am giving this a four star is because the light box does not seem to work for me. It opens up but the display is blank. Other than this, this free extension works and is in my opinion better than most of the commercial alternatives. Great job!
Owner's reply

I did notice this problem aswell, for some reason Google sometimes blocks loading Google maps in an IFrame. I do not have a solution yet...

Smart Flash Header
This is one of the best extensions for integrating Flash banner on a joomla website. What I like about the extension
1) You dont have to know flash programming to use this extension
2) You do not really need a flash s/w to create great looking flash banners

This is what the developer needs to do to improve the extension
1) Provide more transitions as add-ons to the extension to increase the current nine.
2) Provide option for direct upload of images/banners rather than pointing only to specific folders on the server.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the feedback!

2) Provide option for direct upload of images/banners rather than pointing only to specific folders on the server.

Since version 1.1.6 (September 2009) a nice batch uploader has been added to the product.

byfoley, August 27, 2009
I downloaded the RSQuote but have not been able to get it work with the database as it should.

Here are my observations:
1) The db quotes does not load.

2) Apart from the db not loading the quote in the frontend module is unpublishing itself which means when you add a quote in the component for the category, it is unpublishing itself even if you select publish and save.

3) In addition, the quote title does not display even when the txt quote which works unlike the db quote, is selected.

Based on the various submissions on the developer's forum, one would have thought that the latest version fixed all the known bugs, but that does not appear to be so.

This extension is definitely very promising if all known bug can be addressed and fixed.

I will advise the developer to check the latest version and fix known bugs.
Owner's reply

Sorry you are having problems. I will post a reply on the RQuoters forum .

byfoley, June 11, 2008
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Honestly speaking, no matter how fantastic this product is, how can first-time users get value out of it, if they don't have a clue how to use the extension. Yes, agreed, great features, but of what use if there are no idea on using it???

The developers are charging for documentation and tutorial but the product is "free" to download. Well, great way to attract people to download the extension and then get stuck with using it unless they subscribe and pay the $45/yr membership fee.