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Instant Paypal
After searching and testing several Paypal plugins, I came across this InstantPaypal. It took minutes to carft into my pages. So simple, yet powerful and elegant.
byfonitsua, March 25, 2013
I was struggling the whole day to insert my PHP script correctly into my contents. Jumi to the rescue. It took me 5 minutes to get it installed and working.
byfonitsua, January 15, 2013
It works as advertised. Incredibly great support. Patient to retired developer like me. I needed a "No Registration" option and Gord provided it within hours. Also I needed help with some CSS cosmetic stuff, and he was paitient enough to assist me.
byfonitsua, July 20, 2012
Power Mail
We have a non-proft website that accepts prayer requests emails from all over the world, and then published. That simple. We thought that our own prayers were answered when we saw PowerMail. We purchased a license to make sure it works and get support. Both have failed. All emails are received by the mail accounts (3 Gmail addresses). However for some reason some are receive by PM, some are not. Even PM people have suggested not to use it. Almost 6 weeks of trying to get it to work. Now we have to enter emails manually.
byfonitsua, November 12, 2009
Simply Excellent and best suited for small groups such as clubs, etc. Easy to use and implement. I wish there is option to choose currency.
byfonitsua, November 2, 2009
AJAX Shoutbox
Great stuff!!! Easy to install and configure. Used it within minutes of installation. Thanks a lot.
byfonitsua, October 26, 2009
Great forms processor. Easy to use. Needs a few more features (even for a fee), such as branching to another form, etc. -- if the answer is yes/no, then it jumps to a form (section). Otherwise, this is an excellent component. Took me less than an hour to produce a usable return form.
byfonitsua, October 24, 2009
Best Module EVER!!!! sed it with several gadgets using the modal tags. EXCELLENT! No Bugs, No Conflicts. Works inside any module position.
Owner's reply

"No conflicts"? Well, that may be true for you. But Modalizer uses a mootools script for most of the Modal types. And that can cause conflicts with other extensions that use their own mootools script.

You can turn the Modalizer mootools scripts off. That usually helps.

byfonitsua, October 19, 2009
Google Maps by Reumer
Excellent feature. Easy to use and lots of parameters for tweaking!!!