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byformfranska, June 10, 2014
Booking Calendar
It couldn't possibly be easier than this! And the support is quick and friendly! Now they've made an upgrade so mootools is no longer needed (which is good to know if you're using Joomla 3.3 or higher :-)
byformfranska, July 17, 2013
Nice PayPal Downloads
This is a great extension that I’m really pleased with. Also love the Documentation and the Trouble Shooting in the community/support section of the developers website. All is very clear and straight forward.

This extension is also really easy to use which is important if you’re setting ut a site for an end user who isn’t very advanced.

So if you want to sell downloadable stuff, Nice PayPal Downloads is my No 1 choice that I’d be happy to recommend.
byformfranska, February 21, 2013
SP Weather
SP Weather is easy to install and setup. I also think it's quite beautiful out of the box!

I just added Swedish translation and you'll find others in the developer's forum.

Just add the file to your language folder in root/language.
byformfranska, November 2, 2011
RSform Pro
The component works great and the support is informative, quick and efficient.

I'm not a coder at all but I still feel I can manage with RSform Pro so I'd say it's easy to use. It's been a pleasant experience for me and it makes me want to explore more of the endless possibilities and creative ways to use RSform.

Compared to other form extensions I've tried, this is definitely the one I prefer :-)
byformfranska, April 29, 2011
SP Upgrade
This component is very efficient and easy to use. I also appreciate the fact that it's absolutely safe to use since it doesn't interfere with your Joomla 1.5 installation at all (just reading from it).

I had one single, but very important menu problem that I wasn't able to solve myself, and neither was anyone else (template provider for example).

However, I turned to Panayiotis (SP Upgrade developer) who investigated and solved the problem even though it had nothing to do with his component. It was in fact a template problem!

This was all done in one day and Panayiotis fixed the problem + he explained it to me in a very kind and pedagogical manner so that I was able to understand.

I also tried other solutions for migrating before this one but SP Upgrade will be my permanent choice from now on. That's for sure!
Twitter FollowMe
This is such a cute FollowMe that I don't know how any visitor could resist clicking on it!

Together with Tweetboard Joomla1.6 from the same developer it makes a very complete Twitter solution.

Installation and configuration was just "plug n play" and done in minutes for both extensions.

It's FREE and it even comes with a free Support Forum where you get quick and friendly response :-)
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to Review. This is appreciated :)

byformfranska, April 1, 2011
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Lof ArticlesSlideShow
This is an excellent article slideshow. It's beautiful and works well with my installation of Joomla! 1.6.1.

Also, it doesn't conflict with the dropdown menus of my template like some other slideshows did.

A tip:
If you don't want the Title link to lead to the article you're using for slideshow purpose only, you can solve it by 301 redirect in you .htaccess. I have an Article Category that is only for slideshow purpose and not displayed elsewhere. However, each article in the slideshow category is promoting another category so I solved it by using the 301. Hope this is useful for some of you :-)

I find it incredible that this one was for free + they have excellent demos and instructions!
byformfranska, March 5, 2011
I'm so thrilled to have found this gallery extension! It's perfect "out of the box" and then you have plenty of configuration options + useful customization options.

And even I could understand because of the extensive and well written documentation. This one is highly recommended :-)
byformfranska, December 16, 2010
I have searched for a solution for Joomla playing HTML5 movies for both iPhone & iPad (also known as iDumb devices :-) that also works for ordinary browsers. bo:VideoJS is the easiest and most potent solution I have found so far.

On top of that I got immediate feedback from the author via e-mail when asking a question and I'm just now looking forward to further development like for example a mod_bo_videojs :-)

Unbelievable, but for FREE too.
byformfranska, June 2, 2010
News Show Pro GK4
* Many options
* Very simple to handle
* Easy to Install
* Works Great
* I never had to use the support but I know it's good because I've been snooping in the support forum :-)

After thorough investigation, I'm so pleased I chose this one!
byformfranska, April 19, 2010
DT Register
I'm setting up a site for a client who needed event registration as an important part. DT Register has met all my expectations and far more! I could think of things to write in a wish list for most extensions but with DT Register instead I'm just amazed at the possibilities that I wouldn't even have dreamed of. As if this wasn't enough I'm walked through every step in the excellent video tutorials at + I get top notch support via the forum and ticketing system!

This extension is fantastic! Thank you guys :-)
byformfranska, January 6, 2010
Thank you for this excellent plugin that makes embedding a youtube video a piece of cake. I installed plugin + embedded 2 videos in less than 5 minutes :-) To be able to embed multiple videos in one article is great!

Looking forward to settings for making the video larger or smaller. I bet it's coming ;-)
byformfranska, November 17, 2009
Article Lister
I'm so pleased with this module!
It's the easiest and quickest ever to install and configure.
It serves as the perfect "Table of contents" for the articles in a section or category. Just use the ID for the category or section in the settings.
In fact, I think it could be part of Joomla! core :-)
byformfranska, November 12, 2009
Pro Age Check
This splendid extension for Age Checking access does exactly what it says and is very easy to configure. No docs needed for that.
Most people will be able to use it exactly like it is.

I wanted to cuztomize the warning message. (This is the message that the visitor gets before being redirected if they don't have the right age for access). Within less than an hour the ProJoom Team gave me thorough instructions about how to do this even though I've paid nothing for Pro Age Check! That's what I call great support :-)

Thank you, ProJoom Team :-)
byformfranska, August 11, 2009
Fantastic! Installation and configuration was clear and easy.

com_joomlawatch and mod_joomlawatch_agent has to be installed. The other mods are optional.

The back-end component is function rich and is highly configurable.

JoomlaWatch is superior to any other similar app that I know of :-)
byformfranska, November 21, 2008
Akeeba Backup
Even a person with no knowledge of php can manage this one (even I)! I had a minor problem due to my host having safe mode on (which is not recommended) but that was resolved thanks to Joomla Pack's excellent support. I got very quick, kind and clear instructions even though I haven't paid for Joomla Pack. That is outstanding and rare!