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byfoto50, May 19, 2013
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Thanks a lot for this nice, simple to install but still powerful module. It was exactly what I was looking for. Thumbs up for your great work :)
byfoto50, July 24, 2012
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This extension was very easy to install and to configure. It does a perfect job for what it promises. Keep up that gr8 work and thanks a lot for it :)
byfoto50, December 2, 2011
Easy Google Analytics
simple to install, easy to setup settings and works exactly as explained. The admin exlude is a nice additional feature! The inserted code is placed absolutely correct and does not interfear with other template scripts.
byfoto50, December 4, 2010
It is amazing, how simple an installation and configuration can be while the component then will be flexible and powerful same time. And I also can confirm bento124's comment about the helpful forum. Great job!
byfoto50, November 20, 2010
It's very easy to install and the captcha turns up on every form I set it for.
But since spammers do not use the form itself and rather send data directly to the correspondent script, it's rather useless. Sending data to "task=register_save" without the captcha variables still will enable spammers to create useless accounts.
Owner's reply

You are writing as if you have found something new.the issue was reported within 2 weeks of beta testing(seven months past now) and solution was incorporated with 2 addtional options on version 1.0.3(secondlevel security and botscout options) on enabling which all kind of bot spams are prevented.This includes the one you have mentioned(sending data to "task=register_save" without the captcha variables).Anyway next time when you make these type of 'announcements' try to read the documentation and apply it completely or contact developers before doing so instead of claiming an age old discovery as yours