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byfrancisexpress, April 25, 2011
JA K2 Filter and Search
We waited for so long for an extension that could let us filter k2 items by extra fields (for a real estate agency for example) and JA managed to do just that.

Nonetheless is somewhat disappointing and difficult to understand why this module does not come with an integrated way of customizing the way search results are displayed (item image, etc...). Unless you are in to some php coding yourself, you have to consider yourself satisfied with this module’s default results display.

Don’t get me wrong. I think JA did a tremendously difficult job with this module. They deserve a statue! I just cannot understand why they stopped here after doing the most difficult part of the job.

Maybe on future versions they will consider to put an option to customize the search results. Only then I would rate this extension as Excelent...
Owner's reply

We have updated the extension and the search results no longer uses com_search to display the results. The extension has been updated from plugin level to component level to provide this feature.

byfrancisexpress, March 8, 2010
It is a free least it says it is...

But If you whant to use images, video, etc... You will probably have to pay for one of Joomla Works compenents to do that...

I tought this was ready out of the box. But if you whant it with all it's functions you will have to buy other plugins...

But the thing which dissapointed me most was the fact that they do not have a "decent" search module. If you need some sort of serach module to fiulter results by specific extra fields... Just forget this.

I had to pay more that 100 euros to a joomla programer just to do that. At the end of the day I got it working and I would give it an excelent. But not before I've spent more that 150 euros between freelance programars and extra joomworks plugins...

It is unbeleivable such a "modern" cck does not have at least a decent search module!!! I feel it so unforgivable that I give K2 a "Average" Rating.

I just hope the new ZOO, wich will also be free, has a decent search module, so I can substitute my K2...
***Editors Note***: K2 Does have a built in search module as standard.