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byfrancoalberto, December 11, 2009
checked out some other products xtc, epages but from my point of view virtuemart and joomla is a strong and good combination. I can handle it even if site building is not my profession.
The site offers free downloads, to pay downloads, shipping products with direct manual download and only content, everything goes well or was solved by own.

And the best, it's not looking like a typical "web shop". Of course, everything can be done better but this is great for me and therefore thank you Soeren and team. If somebody is interested send an e-mail or look via my e-mail extension to the site.

Two languages are implemented but only used at hts moment for all terms, the menue an some content.

joomla 1.5.14
virtuemart 1.1.3
joomfish 2.0.3