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byfrankd4, May 17, 2008
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Shape 5 - Tell A Friend
This is a very nice module. Installs easily -- Do read the install manual prior to installation. I thinks it's less than a page and explains file permission settings, easy and basic stuff nothing to worry even the newest Joomlaite.

The module is ingeniously spam bot protected by a hidden input box that bots populate but not humans.

The email text that is sent out is easily configurable via the .php file.

Shape 5 has a support forum that is alive and well.

Great stuff guys, Thank you.
byfrankd4, May 9, 2008
It took me a while to figure what to use it for. It produces a menu item/publishable site map page. It also produces a sitemap .xml and .html link that you can submit to search engines. Some documentation would be helpful but I was able to install it, figure it out and get it working and the files submitted within 5 or 10 minutes. 5 Stars.
byfrankd4, May 1, 2008
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Akeeba Backup
Installed flawlessly. Works flawlessly -- I have been able to back up my site and restore it to an entirely different host. I needed this so bad and here it is. It makes a .zip file of all the files and directories and includes the DB backup and an installer. You can also do just a SQL backup of your database. I have a pretty big site and this works fast. Did I say I love this. Great work guys!
byfrankd4, April 5, 2008
This would be very cool if it resided on my own site. I do not want my users being taken to the eshiok site even if they are directed back after signing up. Oh well. It installed perfectly and worked as advertised. It could be a great tool for some sites.
Owner's reply

hi, it is a nature of iBook, a social network guestbook. It s like other social network community, you share together your content, i.e. you share your bookmarks with others. Because you share with others, you grow your traffic with others.

You can still export all your data out (in XML format), same as social bookmarking such as:

if you need a standalone version of guestbook, browse through Joomla ext., and many nice free guestbook component for you to try out.

thanks for ur feedback.