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byfrankgem, July 25, 2014
Ajax Drop Down Cart for Virtuemart
I bought this VM product 1 month ago, there are 2-3 issues happened during install my custom pages, but they resolve all the issues . They provided me more service than I expected! I will buy another products from you soon.
Owner's reply

Hi frankgem,

It's great to hear that you get satisfied with our Ajax Drop Down Cart for Virtuemart. We will keep do the good work to bring you more excellent extensions.


One click registration
It's a great compont, free and easily modify, it's what I want after search and test many junk APP.
Thank you for developer's effort and precious time.
byfrankgem, August 21, 2012
This is the best Contact form program on the Joomla platform,
with an amazing File upload function,
I'm so exciting about the whole flexiable design, Thank you Guys...
byfrankgem, April 19, 2012
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FlowPlayer Reloaded
Quite Hard for a Joomla beginner..... Need to write the script? Oh.....Man....
Owner's reply

Have you ever tried reading the documentation?

Nothing like you've described is necessary. The plugin works out of the box.

However, for complex cases I've added a possibility where an experienced user may somehow alter the default functionality. But this ABSOLUTELY not required to get it working.

Really, I'm surprised that you cannot just add {flowplayer}path-to-your-file{/flowplayer} to your article to get it working :)

(And if you are just a beginner, this does not mean that you should leave negative reviews. Instead, try changing something, asking for support on the forums, improving your knowledge etc...)

byfrankgem, December 12, 2011
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Excellent job...thanks fo the effort.
byfrankgem, December 7, 2011
I spent countless tried,upload and removed many PICS soft, trust me. this is the best one.
Dont waste time like I was, just download and use it,the only and best free choice.