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byfransjoseph, August 17, 2011
This really is a nice module. I use it in 1.6 It's very good customizable. Not much more to say. Thanks!
byfransjoseph, July 31, 2011
ARTIO Booking
This might be a good component in the future, but for now it isn't. There are too many things that do not work properly.

E.g. when you want to book from the end of the month until the beginning of next month. Many times the start date is reset.

When a visitor forgets to fill in a compulsory field; you get an error message, AND a message that your reservation is made!

Too bad, since the concept is nice for many applications.

After some weeks trying to get it working, and because the forum at Artio doesn't seem to be really alive, I had to choose an alternative.