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byfred_76, June 1, 2011
Easy to use, nice on the screen.

Some improvements to implement :
1) add the ability to join a photo to the news, this photo being on the right/left of the News title
2) add the start/expiry date to allow the webmaster to prepare the news in advance so that they will show from the right date, and cleared after the expiration occurs.
3) add a button "read more..." associated to a link
4) choose the style of the title and of the text (without having to go inside the css)

Support is very fast indeed, Stephane is doing a good job. Great.
byfred_76, May 26, 2011
CSV 2 Table
Very basic plugin. Just does what it shall do, without any "plus".

It lacks a demo.

Note that the CSV file has to be a "coma" separated file, and not "semi column" as Excel saves it for example.

All lines shall be separated by the HTML tags.

The best way to enter the data is by edinting the HTML of the article and copy/paste the data you prepared in Notepad in the following format :

Gender, Age, Height

In the plugin administration, you can activate the ability to sort the table : put a 1 in the "sortable" box. Then, when you cilck on the header, the table will be sorted.
byfred_76, May 22, 2011
Nice plugin with many functions. However, it lacks a very handy tool : the caption editor.
You need to edit a txt file for your galleries or images, it cannot be done from the plugin manager.
When you are working away from home, with a friend/office/Internet store computer not equiped with an FTP client, it is not possible to change/add captions to your galleries.