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byfreemeg, June 12, 2007
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Why make it a Joomla component when it doesn't even have a proper working front end. This was hard enough to install let alone now I have to copy and paste URL's to make it work with my Joomla site.

Please make a proper Joomla front end, using Joomla modules and components that actually work out of the box with no additional work by me.

Also, it is pointless being a Joomla component if I still have to Sync all my users from Joomla into CiviCRM. It should be transparent.

The documentation is great. But it needs to have a better index with page numbers and standardised headings for sections that also form the header of each page. Some people still print documentation and this documentation is not friendly for those people. I spent more time flipping through the darn doco than actually printing it. Dont' get me wrong it is certainly good content, but I takes to long to long flipping through to find it.

This may be a good CRM and outside of Joomla I'm sure it works great, but I'm pulling teeth here. I'm now on my third day of trying to configure this. I've NEVER had to spend so long on a Joomla component in the past.

If it is supposed to run under Joomla it should just work with minimal config.