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byfribse, April 27, 2014
QR Codes Local
I love it that the QR code is generated locally, and not calling some off-site script, very nice, the accompanying module works as it should, and the plugin creates the QR codes as well.
byfribse, April 1, 2014
Buddy List for Community Builder
If you want to use any of S4J's extension be absolutely sure that you can fix everything yourself. They have a nice forum, but you will never see a reply there, no support, nada, nothing. Very bad performance considering the quite high cost of the extensions.
byfribse, October 26, 2013
Birthday List
Sad to say, this module is missing a lot.
It is a very good beginning, lean, effective, simple, but seems more like a developer module than a real module, ie. the configuration refers directly to tables, so nothing pretty with select boxes or any intelligence built in.
It also completely lacks some standard functions like "Module Class Suffix", which for example makes it unusable for my Joomspirit template.
Some features would be easy to add it seems, like filtering on which user groups should be included, ie. it's a simple extra sql query, but despite the fact that it refers directly to sql, that part seems impossible to achieve.
All in all, it seems more like a version 0.1 than a 1.0
byfribse, August 28, 2013
QR Codes Local 2.5
Well, the idea behind this is great, I would love to have the qr generated locally, instead of having to depend on third party sites, and their accompanying cookies.
But I don't get any result, and there is no support to be found anywhere, and the review system isn't made for support requests, so I can't do anything than give it the lowest possible score, much to my disappointment.
byfribse, February 9, 2013
This dots the i and crosses the t.
With this you can not only easily find the right integration to your directory, but also give users characeristics with joomla groupmemberships by using the LDAP membership. When you administrate users through the LDAP, you can control their access in Joomla this way! Excellent.
byfribse, February 1, 2013
JJ Social Slider
Looks great, simple clean look, and it uses module position to make it easier to control where it's displayed.
byfribse, December 18, 2012
Yireo Piwik
With this neat little plugin, it's easy to integrate piwik into joomla, and do it the right way.
This one uses the Piwik PHP API, instead of embedding (yet another) javascript to your page.
So now you don't rely on the users browser having javascript enabled, it will register the hit even with the javascript disabled.
I had a problem with it registering a hit for every ajax load, and they fixed it within 5 minutes, and that is for a free extension! Can't beat that...
byfribse, December 7, 2012
Art Data
There are so many possibilities in this product, that it's mindboggling, the difficulties in implementation is no so much how to get it working, but more a question of which solution you want.
There's not much that this thing can't do, extraction directly from sql, into tables, graphs, csv files to nice figures and a lot of other stuff. Very versatile, and nice.
Support is in a league of its own, very responsive, and very helpfull.
byfribse, December 5, 2012
This one just does as it should, looks pretty, uses standard joomla search, shows the results nicely, and best of all, it has worked every time so far.
No conflicts seen yet, great!
byfribse, December 1, 2012
Social presence
Places nice icons in the edge of the window, and are very easily customizable.
Clean and efficient, and not cluttered with complexity.
byfribse, December 1, 2012
Good thing that the backend login keeps for a long time, it's a benefit when youre developing things or modifying the site, and working on multiple systems while testing.
byfribse, December 1, 2012
Top of the Page
I've been around looking on a lot of plugins that claims to do this, this one just works, great job!
Owner's reply

I think that some extension devs take the easy way out and just adapt someone else's code into a plugin and release it. That wasn't my style. I wanted something that fit my needs, was easily configurable (so I could reuse it for my own clients), and was fast.

Hard? A little, but it was time well spent.

byfribse, December 1, 2012
This component makes life easier for administrators. But with all those benefits, comes the risk of opening backdoors. It's a dangerous task to open direct access to your sites files from the backend, you need to be absolutely sure on the security, but with carefull protection, it's a plus.
AutoTweet NG
This is a really neat piece of software, it will post the content on your site to different social medias, it sounds simple, but with the everchanging api from facebook (I think that's facebooks only goal, to change the API as much as possible, as often as they can) it's a challenge to keep this running stable, but with the great support, it's not that big a task.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your feedback, we really appreciate your words!

Right now, we are working to launch the new Joomla 3 version!

Tech Team

byfribse, December 1, 2012
It helps a lot when users visits our site from cellphones, smartphones and tablets. There's also a very expensive commercial version available.
I wonder what will happen with with the component when J3, responsive design and bootstrap kicks in...
byfribse, December 1, 2012
NoNumber Extension Manager
If any of the nonumber modules, components or plugins are in use on the site, this nifty tool helps in keeping them updated, it's more reliable for the commercial versions of the components and plugins than the standard Joomla update system.
byfribse, December 1, 2012
Together with a lot of other tools, this handy tool helps in keeping users aware of the site, and helps out with users that forget to confirm their accounts and a lot of other stuff.
Something that is needed all the time for people caring about 'housekeeping'.
byfribse, December 1, 2012
Admin Tools Professional
This protects the site effectively, the .htaccess generator is quite easy to work, and even the naughty plugins or components that need to 'directly execute' a file can be taken care of, it just requires a small amount of detective work, and a lot thoroughness.
It also holds all the functionality of a lot of the small plugins that are free, but here it's put together in one package, which makes maintenance a lot easier.
byfribse, December 1, 2012
It does the job, and more, very easy to work with, and very easy to adjust to your likings.
All types of sizes and bitdepth can be uploaded, gives the site that last touch.
byfribse, December 1, 2012
It has helped a lot with search engines walking through the site, and gives us good results. Hassle free to set up, and good extensions are available.
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