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It's simple, it's easy to work with, and you have a good supply of modules to have things displaying the way you need.
It simply does the job, and we haven't even bought it yet, but will in the near future.
byfribse, December 1, 2012
This is one of the best forms systems you can imagine, there's not much which can't be done here, the price for the 'validated' version is low, but there's no limitation in functionality in an unvalidated version.
One of the best ressources of the product is GreyHead, a very helpfull guy, with a lot of good ideas on how to solve things.
Most things can be solved via the 'building blocks' and with just small php codings added, it does a lot of advanced stuff.
The journey so far with this component has been long, but it is far from done, there's still a lot of potential left.
byfribse, December 1, 2012
ARI Quiz Lite
The free quiz component is a good addition to any website. We have a small diving club, and being able to make some educational quizez on the website, is very nice, and good training for the members.
The support is good, and the component works, the documentation is a bit missing, but it's easy to figure out what's going on.
I would like to have more 'questionmodes' than the standardly provided, but so far it's quite good.
byfribse, December 1, 2012
Community Builder
Where to start with this component. It's simply brilliant. Allthough I think the developers are german, and 'ordnung must sein' and they have quite a lot of politics towards joomla, and they are not all always the most subtle, they absolutely know what they are doing, and are extremely competent. Furthermore the component itself is only the foundation for the myriad of plugins, addons and tidbits you can add to it.
The price seems a bit high at first glance, yes, but they also respond within 3 days, and always with a sound foundation.
One of the best gems hidden in the higher subscriptions are the 'Auto Action', with that you can make all sorts of crazy and advanced automations for your users.
Their API is also quite well documented, and they are willing to help out if you need some sort of 'direct' access from another component to the CB data.
What can I say, in total, great job!
byfribse, November 29, 2012
Art Wijmo Menu
We needed an extra menu on our Artisteer based template (which can be a challenge as other Artisteer users can confirm).
After testing tons of menues, a lot of them failing in our template, others looking bad, the choice fell on Art Wijmo.
When we encountered a problem, artetics took it serious, and solved the problem quickly.
The menu looks good, and has a nice dropdown effect.
byfribse, November 16, 2012
Site Credits
I've been wanting to show what has been used on the site for some time, and this does just the trick, it makes a list of components, modules, plugins and templates without any work, and it even allows to enter a 'pre' and 'post' text.
No work in setting it up at all, very nice addition.
byfribse, August 16, 2012
Insert Article by ID
We had a simple need with displaying a welcome text depending on your access level, this solved it for us, without any hassle at all. IT SIMPLY WORKS!
byfribse, July 24, 2012
We are a small diving club, and we need to show our sponsors some appreciation, but at the same time, we don't want our website to be plastered with banners.
So I opted for a slideshow, and one that impacted the page as little as possible, so a mootools based slideshow was perfect (as J already uses mootools).
We've now placed two slideshows on our landingpage, they work nicely, and with the feature of being able change if a slides points to to an article or webpage it makes it possible even for our small sponsors without a webpresence to be shown properly.
In the backend, it's very advanced with categories, and slides being managed, so it's very easy to update, publish or publish/ unpublish quickly.
byfribse, June 9, 2012
Unite Nivo Slider
We're a volunteer driven diving club, and have no money, but we need to thank our sponsors properly.
This module/component combination does just that for us.
Very nice transitions, very easy setup, and extremely good support on the few quirks we encountered in our context!
The editor is brilliant, has a lot of features, and a lot of settings, to make it very light or very complex.
The support forums has recently been reduced, so only subscribers can report bugs and problems, and that is problematic.
There is no proper way of reporting a bug now, unless you buy the subscription.
That costs a star in the grade for the editor.
byfribse, May 26, 2012
This plugin is truly a solution for all video needs. Very nice, and easy to use, a bit complicated for the average user due to the high number of supported videos.
byfribse, April 7, 2012
Max Failed Login Attempts
Excellent plugin, does exactly what I needed, there are of course room for improvement, so it will be interesting to see what the future brings.
byfribse, March 19, 2012
It works nicely, for me on J2.5.3, it shows the webtrees inside joomla, but there's no real integration, just showing the program inside Joomla, still a lot of improvement is possible, and I hope that they will work on that.
Owner's reply

Well, apart from creating a Joomla user in webtrees, and automatically logging them in, what other integration could there be?

And if it's not doing this for you, then there is a problem with your setup. Please ask for support in this case.

byfribse, March 14, 2012
AutoTweet NG Pro
I've been wanting to have more control over what was posted from our site to our FB page, and on twitter.
We've had a standard RSS feed going with as the feeder, but it is quite inflexible.
So I looked into this nifty component, and it does everything we need, and more.
We can even integrate our Jevents component with this.
When I asked about how to solve a specific need, the developer promptly replied, that can not be done, but it would be on a later release schedule, not only that, but a few hours later, a beta version was available, wow!
Good component, good support, excellent value.
byfribse, March 3, 2012
Well, if a sixth star is ever introduced, this is definetely a candidate.
Support is excellent, the possibilities with the extension are extremely wide.
byfribse, March 3, 2012
Cache Cleaner
Having issues with cache when seting up a site or running it afterwards is quite common, and with this small module for the backend, it is a breeze to clear the cache, and clean up nicely.
byfribse, March 3, 2012
Advanced Module Manager
A perfect addition for creating very special module configurations, for us it started with the need for showing one module for public, another for registered, and a third for members of our club.
This one does this without any hassle. We have used this on 1.6,1.7 and 2.5. When an issue crept up with a specific module that wasn't compatible with this, the support was fast and effective, and solved it very fast.
byfribse, February 21, 2012
SW KBirthday for Kunena
This is a very nice addition to our site. It integrates nicely into CB, Kunena and J, and uses info from whichever of these sources to list birthdays.
Several formats available, and with or without graphics.
byfribse, December 23, 2011
I needed a graphing tool, and with the possibilities offered here, I can make the graphs and tables I need in every respect.
The only minor issue, is that the graphs miss the mark a bit.
Eg. if I have a value of 3, the the barchart is going to show below the line 3, and not right up to the line.
Owner's reply

This problem certainly isn't normal. Please contact me so that I can investigate further.

byfribse, December 7, 2011
Visitors Counter
After asking for a long time for CB to modify their 'whos logged in' module, so it shows names instead of accountnames, I stumbled upone this very neat module, and it takes less tan 5 mins to set up the basics for it. Excellent, and easily integrates to be able to show CB profiles, great work!
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