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byfribse, November 3, 2011
Akeeba Backup
This software is great, it does a good solid backup, it can transfer software to a new site, it even has a site transfer wizard to help you out (though it's almost impossible to get it working).

Until version 3.3.5 it even had restoration points, so when an item was updated, you could roll back to a previous edition if it fails.

And therein lies the low grade I've given it. They have removed the restoration point thing without any warning in 3.3.5, and you can't even roll back to the 3.3.4, because they've removed the feature.

If this was informed previously, BEFORE the upgrade, you could make an informed decision on the upgrade, but by doing it this way, you can't.

The prosoftware is very expensive, and I can only fear for the future, when they remove this feature without warning, what will be next.
Owner's reply

First, we had discussed that on my forum ( where you wrote:

"You want me to pay 40€ PER YEAR for this software, never in a million years, just to get that feature back?????? This is a fringe product compared to the features on the site, and I pay less for them combined."

So, basically, here's what you told me:
- You consider backups to be a fringe feature of your site.
- You are OK paying for other people's software, but not for mine (gee, thanks)
- You consider me terrible (gee, thanks a bunch!)
- Yet, you think it's OK to complain very loudly about a feature which was removed, even though its functionality CAN be replicated with the existing features of the Core release (free as in "free beer") and I had the courtesy of telling you how without requesting payment for your support request.
- YOU failed to read the release announcement ( where it is CLEARLY stated what was removed and WHY (and I tweeted a link to it too), you didn't bother reading the CHANGELOG and somehow it's my problem that you are too lazy to visit the site, subscribe to the FeedBurner RSS-to-email gateway (which sends you a copy of the announcement to your mailbox before Akeeba Backup notifies you of the update) or read the tweet.

So, you say it's a fringe product you don't respect and you don't value, yet you consider the system restore points feature critical? Really?! You call my software "fringe", which to a developer who's giving something away for free it's like telling him to screw himself. You call me terrible. You make it perfectly clear that you will never, ever pay to get anything from me. You have never contributed anything to the free version, be it a translation, a suggestion, a bug report or a kind word. Nada. Nothing. Zilch. Yet you have the bloody nerve to make demands?! In the words of Liraz Siri, a TurnKey Linux co-developer, "Be nice. It's a fscking gift". (

byfribse, August 22, 2011
Although the development team is at times nonresponsive, and some answers in their support leave something to be desired in terms of politeness, the product is great, and the plugins are getting there. Even integration to tapatalk on the mobile is available, which is a very cool addition and enhances the availability tremendously.
byfribse, August 10, 2011
The basic part of a component and a plugin is very cool, and gives a lot of information on the visitors, and works perfectly.
The modules are extra bonus, as you can put all sorts of use(less/full) information on your site.
Bottomline is, it's easy to install, and easy to use, and best of all, updated to J1.7!
byfribse, August 4, 2011
Ignite Gallery
With the support for J1.7, frontend upload, subcategories, and excellent responsive support, I think it's pretty close to what we need. Stable, nice features and easy to adminstrate.
byfribse, August 4, 2011
Excellent gallery, very sleak, fast, and very good support is available in forum!
byfribse, June 22, 2011
Qlue Custom 404
The component is a very nice addition to the site, it handles the usual error pages, and it even helps you spot those pages that are missing from the site, by logging it all.

The only problem I can see is that I had to buy it on faith, it wouldn't display properly on my template, and I couldn't figure out why, reporting a bug to them didn't help, and they insist on not giving help out if you're not registered. So on a leap of faith I registered thinking that they must be able to solve this.
After registration I opened a ticket, which they responded to immediatey, and they solved my problem within two updates to it.

Just too bad that this leap of faith had to be taken, if they had helped me without registration, this would have been an 'excellent' rating.
This component is so easy to use and set up, and integrates very well, very sad for the tinkering mind, but very nice for us that just wants it to work.
A bit strange system with hotfix'es with manual copying, but it's managable.
All problems reported was solved quickly, and Slabbi is very respondent, and have created the docs that's needed (just a question of finding them), one drawback though is the lack of it's own forum, it piggybacks on JoomlaPolis.
Owner's reply

The support forum can be found on Joomlapolis and it is linked from JED.

The FAQ can be found in the README folder in uddeIM archive as mentioned in the description text above and as mentioned in the sticky in the uddeIM forum.

byfribse, April 10, 2011
AcyMailing Starter
I've been toying around with this component for a couple of days, it looks very nice, works well, and it has a ton of features when it comes to design, a lot more than I've seen elsewhere.
The throttling works well, and most of my needs are filled even with the freeware version, again a lot better than I've seen elsewhere.
byfribse, March 3, 2011
Well, trying it under J1.6, it looks very very pretty, but it sadly doesn't support J1.6 access levels, so all the nice setup of access levels doesn't help here, as it won't hide the menu items based on your own access levels.
byfribse, March 2, 2011
nZambi Latest Posts
The differences from the standard Kunenalatest are subtle but very clear, and it gives a very nice addition to our site, that people respond nicely to. The Mootools effect for showing the article is a cool gimmick for this.
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