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byfridayanimal, September 3, 2014
Beautiful piece of work, astonished that it's free! Quick install, working straight away, and I received same-day support via the forum to get it working with https hosting. Very minimal design so simple to modify the appearance with CSS.

Look no further :)
byfridayanimal, July 13, 2012
Cookie Monster
Really good, straight-forward to implement but versatile - which is really important in balancing the need to comply with EU regulations but also to have a non-invasive notification/consent system that doesn't make the website ugly!

Have used it successfully on J1.5 and J2.5.

Most importantly the technical support in response to a problem I had was quick and comprehensive.

You can buy this extension with confidence.
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to make this review, it is appreciated and it was a real pleasure working with you on this.

I use this component to secure and monitor over 40 sites and it's enabled me to stay in business - without it, I'd be spending most of my working hours manually scanning, monitoring and updating Joomla websites and prowling round server logs with no real idea of how safe each site is.

It's highly flexible so I can lock a site down tight as a drum, or leave specific elements open for ease of access and ramp up their security in other areas instead. For more vulnerable sites with lots of plugins and users, the email notifications keep me advised of every threat in real time from the negligible to critical.

If you're in any doubt but run more than one website then just buy it, with a multiple license and the offers they make on Twitter it ends up being a few quid per year, per site, and it's a load off your mind :)