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byfroggymorning, January 23, 2013
This is a quick and very simple non-commercial white list function for your Joomla Administrator folder without having to resort to .htaccess. If you need some additional security, and are tired of endless blacklisting, this could be what you're looking for. Documentation even includes how to fix it if you lock yourself out, and how to contact the developer. A nice find.
byfroggymorning, August 28, 2010
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Virtue Affiliate
I am surprised there are not more reviews and votes on this extension. As an 'easy on your pocket' commercial affiliate extension, its also easy to install and use. Support questions both before and after I purchased, were answered swiftly. A problem with a break in my template after installation was solved directly. Installation is seamless and hassle-free. User interface is simple, visually pleasant and informative. Makes banners of your products automatically. Big thumbs up.
byfroggymorning, July 20, 2009
Global News
An extremely useful mod! Why Joomla doesn't have something like this in its core, I
have no idea.
There is only one problem, but its a big one. If it weren't for this problem, I would give this mod an 'excellent', but the problem drops it to 'average'.
Globalnews won't properly validate in its
current version. That makes it impossible to use if you have a highly competitive website where you need every edge.
If you've got a personal blog, by all means, go for this'll love it! But more professional sites should give it a miss until its validation errors are fixed.

A very simple mod, easy to use and configure, turnkey out of the box. But its tough to get support from the developer for a more advanced issue like validation. A users forum is answered only by other users.
byfroggymorning, April 15, 2009
This is a must-have extension for a community site. Your members earn points for their participation, they can award another member some of their points, they can get promotional codes for more points through contests and activities. Your members will be ecstatic at being able to earn points! The component provides a fantastic way to build participation.

However, there is a single huge drawback; there are limited means for your website mmembers to spend or redeem the points they earn.

Automatic points 'spending' through additional components, is what this component is designed to do. There are no premade spending rules, so 'Spending' must be accomplished by your site admin through some coding. For your members to 'spend' their points, you must code new spending rules into your API and Virtuemart, first by coding into your API component then creating a new .xml rule for the AlphaUserPoints extension.

This is from the developer instructions to develop a 'spending' rule.

"Just insert the following API in the component code where needed. The best is to make it follow
a user action that could give the users some points or take some. For exemple in a comment system component
or in a forum, just add the API after the comment or topic INSERT query in the database.

a) Use - Basic API

$api_AUP = JPATH_SITE.DS.'components'.DS.'com_alphauserpoints'.DS.'helper.php';
if ( file_exists($api_AUP))
require_once ($api_AUP);
AlphaUserPointsHelper::newpoints( 'function_name' );

Be prepared to understand the above, for volunteer developer support in writing a spending rule refers you to the above instruction.

Manual subtraction or addition of points is not immediately possible. There is one back-end work around. An existing bonus points rule can be edited to carry a single positive or negative value. This 'bonus' rule is an additional means of adding points to a single user, but is the only means of subtracting a single value of points from any user. It can only be done with one value for a single user at one time. For a different value of negative points, you must edit the rule.

Wish list: Capability to setup spending points that is as easy as setting up earning them. Perhaps to create a link to 'buy this item with your user points' function into your FB or CB components or a Joomla system article, some pre-coded spending rules, or even additional 'bonus' rules that can be set to different values or mass-applied.

Rating: A good component that is 'out-of-the-box' easy to use for one objective (earning points) earns an excellent for its ease in set up, ability to increase member participation, and excitement brewed among your membership as they earn points. But, as it is difficult to use for its complimentary objective (redeeming the points earned) earns only a 'fair' for that important aspect. Hopefully, we'll see this promising extension become more uniform in its userability and become 'Excellent' all around.