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byfryedpye, September 27, 2012
DeluxeMP3 Pro for JomSocial
I have just installed this in a live site and it couldn't be easier, took a couple of minutes at most. The player is completely skin-able by both admin and the user, so if you don't like any of the 20+ templates it comes with it is a simple matter to create your own. The site members LOVE IT!!
byfryedpye, July 19, 2012
This component does exactly what is says. More than a match for the obvious alternative, plus a bargain when you by the full package with all the modules and plugins.
I also needed some customization and the support was very quick with the work completed within 24hrs for a good price.
Well done, for me this is now THE directory component for Joomla
byfryedpye, March 21, 2012
Universal AjaxChat
Installed and working in a couple of minutes and is working perfectly under heavy use.
A great component and worth every penny.
My only gripe was making the address fields compulsory on checkout, this is my pet hate, the point of using paypal is so we don't have to!!.
byfryedpye, November 20, 2010
Installation was a breeze and you can set your own affiliate ID.

Well done :)
byfryedpye, August 31, 2010
I just wish all Joomla components were this slick.
I have installed this on over 50 customer sites so far without a hitch.
I notice someone complaining about lack of support, I can't comment as in over 50 installs I've never had a problem, I can't understand why anyone would need support, They couldn't have made it any easier!!
Thankyou very much for an excellent gallery.