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byfschutzman, April 8, 2012
I really tried very hard to like CF version 4. If you are making a simple contact page, it will work great. The tutorials on the basic stuff by "Greyhead" are great. But unfortunately, while the potential to do great things is lurking in the backend, the ability to do more is damaged by a almost complete lack of customer help. Answering a forum question with "check out the tutorial videos (very basic stuff, or buy the book (based on a totally different older version)just does not cut it. If you are not a programmer and need to incorporate paypal you are in big trouble. There isn't relevant tutorials on anything but the most basic stuff for version 4. " Not a great way to run a railroad", as my grandpa used to say.
byfschutzman, February 27, 2012
Admin Tools
I tried to use admin tools to go on joomla 1.7. It broke my site. I uninstalled it and got the home page graphics back but all the menu links were broken. I went into menu manager and tried to re-link the menus but to no avail. Luckily I had a local version to fall back on.
Owner's reply

As I've written many times in the public support tickets (which can be searched and read even by non-subscribers like you) this is caused by wrong permissions on your site causing a directory to not be copied. There is a bug in Admin Tools' plugin, causing it to fail with a fatal error when that directory isn't copied. It was discovered because some other users, unlike you, took the time to file a free bug report in our Pre-Sales forum, supplying me with adequate information to replicate the issue and solve it. The bottom line is, if you have a bug report, please report it on our site. It's free. Unless you report it, don't expect to see it resolved.

Anyway, the solution to your problem is rather simple: extract the installation archive and copy the fof directory inside your site's libraries directory, so that you now have a libraries/fof directory.

Besides, we have manual uninstallation instructions in our release announcement page ( If you follow them, the software uninstalls cleanly and doesn't cause the problems you mention. My guess is that you removed the component but not the plugins, hence the persistence of your problem.

Finally, please note that as stated in the release announcement and our download page, Joomla! 1.7 is NOT supported.

byfschutzman, July 30, 2011
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I have used this mod in 1.5 and loved it. But, for 1.7 I could not load due to the fact 1.7 could not find the xml file for the extension which is surely there. It might be a problem with 1.7 but it does not work nonetheless. I used the 1.6 version. I have found other 1.6 versions of extensions work but not this one.