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byfsjoom, September 19, 2013
I have used menus from this author before (both commercial and free). As usual, this one works perfectly, just takes a little tinkering to customize, as expected. The developer maintains a set of forums where he typically answers questions within a few hours of posting - wonderful! You won't find a sliding menu that's easier to use, or one that has better support!
Owner's reply

thank you for your great review :)

Art Timeline
This extension does exactly what it is supposed to do - and does it very well. I will admit that it took me a while to figure out how the controls work, but once you decipher the slightly unintuitive interface, it works a treat. Better yet, the Artetics tech support is first-rate. They answer all questions quickly, and solved all of my problems. IMHO, the main difficulty with this extension is just the slightly awkward syntax of the documentation and controls labelling, not the functionality. I am very happy with my investment and would recommend this to anyone who needs a good timeline plug-in for a Joomla site. I needed to convert an existing timeline done in Flash, and once I imported the data from a CSV file, I was off and running. Good work!
byfsjoom, December 7, 2012
Maxi Menu CK
The BEST Joomla! menu extension out there. More options than you could imagine, including a CSS3 styling theme. Simple to use even for novice designers - and for experienced Joomla! coders, a pleasure to customize and work with. Excellent!!!
byfsjoom, September 13, 2011
Admin Tools
If you've ever had to spend time mnaually upgrading a Joomla! installation, where just a small error can really do a lot of damage (ever drop a set of folders on the wrong level?...), you'll be glad to know that with Admin Tools, those days are OVER! This extension should be part of the default Joomla! package. Works perfectly! Thank you!
byfsjoom, November 1, 2010
I run a Joomla site for a nonprofit organization.

We started getting spambot attempts through our Contact forms. None of the mail actually got through due to the nonexistent "from" addresses, but still, lots of junk mail with which I had to deal.

I installed OSOLCaptcha to try to handle the form-generated Spam. This extension works PERFECTLY, and with very little configuration. A little added CSS for styling and I was done. So far, we are down to about 1 spam attempt every few days; I suspect these are coming from humans.

Kudos to the developer for something simple, elegant and easy to implement!
byfsjoom, September 2, 2009
Google Maps by Reumer
This plug-in is so simple to use. All you need to do once you've installed it is to write a single statement to insert your map into an article!

I suggest using articles, as I am a bit leery of hacking into the core code to use this plug with modules or other content.